Went for a ride

Can you believe that there are hundreds, if not thousands of sugary cute cottages like this for sale in Sweden. This one is an old mission house not far away from our place. A cute house for a cute lady. Yes?

Take a look at this, this and this one as well.



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  1. Helena says:

    Oh super cute house, like a dream. And so cheap!!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Cheap indeed. That kind of houses are often very cheap, depending on the location of course. It can also require a lot of work, but not always. This one is a treasure for sure in my eyes.

  2. Chez Chouke says:

    I would loooove that! Something to dream of..ll

  3. Afke Spies says:

    I would like to live in Sweden or Norway someday and have a cottage like that too someday.

  4. Charlyn W says:

    I agree with Afke Spies and Chez Chouke!

    A perfect dream in Norge or Sverige!


  5. elissa says:

    beautiful. so much potential and such a great space to start with.

  6. Louise says:

    Oh, it’s lovely! sugar-sweet is right, it almost looks like it’s made of gingerbread…

  7. Mimmi says:

    I love the cute lady’s hair style as well :)

  8. erin says:

    Can i have one? Preferably not the last one though…that looked a little TOO rustic for me. Love the photos on hat middle one. Someone did a fabulous job.

  9. Saga says:


  10. Kylie says:

    Wow – so many great places! Loved the wallpaper in the first one :) Kx

  11. Helenb says:

    such cute little abodes its a shame they are empty…some of the wallpaper designs are just lovely.

    we have this style of holiday house in Tasmania too!

    it must be our Danish/European influence?

    It looks like you are having lovely weather for your holiday. :)

  12. ok – i want to move there for the summer!

  13. Ester says:

    Vilket ställe. Även omgivningen ser fantastisk ut.

  14. Så sött.. och somrigt.. Skulle verkligen vilja bo så under sommrarna..

  15. Sílvia says:

    wow…they are “to dream for”. but did I read the price right??
    are they that cheap? …do they have running water and electricity?

    me and my husband (and baby girl) are considering to move from Portugal to Sweden and this photos put a smile on our faces…

    • Elisabeth says:

      Silvia, yes the linked houses are very cheap. Didin’t look so close but I think they all have electricity and some of them running water.

  16. Ingrid says:

    love those wooden houses with weathered windows!

  17. I agree. Very nice cottage. And I like the “peering in through the window” photo. The big blue sweater and the braids are nice.

  18. Mihaeko says:

    I want to move there.

  19. Rosa Maria says:

    Like a dream
    Sweden is lovely
    In Europe is the best !!!!!!!
    Rosa Maria
    (from Portugal)

  20. Sara says:

    Those cottages, and the countryside, are so amazing. I wish i were brave enough to move to SE.. could I learn to speak the language! “ålder” is my first word. As in older blog posts, right? ;-P

  21. Sara says:

    …and we would usually watch the show together.. we started with “Laurel and Hardy” and moved up to “Bullwinkle.” My dad had a physicists sense of humor.

  22. Mariela says:

    Wow! now my husband and I want to move there : ) , have a wonderful week!!

  23. lingonsmak says:

    if I ever make my wish come true and buy a house in sweden, I let you find it – ok? so nice, so cute, so deep wishes … sigh.

  24. francesca says:

    they are all so wonderful and cheap! i won’t show my husband, he’s always taking about buying somewhere (he’s half danish). one day, maybe we will.

  25. Elisabeth says:

    Oh do show him ;)

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