Even in the city


Green in every direction.


Someone is selling a large Monstrea on Blocket. This plant looks nice too. And week of plants over at Studio Morran.


4 Responses to Even in the city

  1. Oh! Thank you for the intro to Blocket.
    The truth is I love plants in pots, because I am not a ‘natural gardener’ born with green thumbs. No, not me… If a few lovely pots thrive in our home I am ecstatic with joy! On the other hand, I love books and pictures of plants and gardens, with my green tea on hand, and a cat on my lap. Best time ever…!

  2. Mihaeko says:

    It takes all summer to begin to take for granted the soothing greens, how they melt away something hard and coarse inside. Maybe especially in the city…

  3. Kylie says:

    These photos are just gorgeous! Kx

  4. bmo says:

    grönt, vitt och gult funkar ju bra också…måste testas…

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