Laura Spring

“Citing the British obsession with the weather as inspiration behind her collection, textile designer/maker Laura Spring is thrilled to be showcasing her latest products at Pulse Launchpad in June 2012.”  I like the stylish unisex weatherproof capes and the complimentary duffel bags. All available from the 20th June. Pre order here.

Birch Bark Basket Making.


8 Responses to Laura Spring

  1. Mariela says:

    Love the design, great colors!, have a lovely day xo

  2. eve cg says:

    oh i like this specially for beach :)

  3. Helenb says:

    an hour later…..Ive traversed cultures and basket weaving techniques from the birch basket you posted to pine needle and paper twine basketry.
    it was a good breakfast this morning toast with my homemade bread and coffee and basketry videos.

    Cheers Helen

    PS: love the pattern on the duffle and the colours on the blue capes.

  4. Louise says:

    Oooh, CAPES! They’re brilliant.

  5. Jessica says:

    Galet fina. PAX för en orange i överraskning åt min son :-)

  6. Amielle says:

    The bright orange and blue with that off white/cream is screaming summer for me. And those capes! I want one now.

  7. Kylie says:

    These are wonderful! Love them too :) Kx

  8. marga says:

    love love her work, just met her 2 days ago as her stand is almost opposite to mine at Pulse, she is lovely and the products gorgeous I have a few on my wish list already!

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