Five minutes (healthy) chocolate muffin

1 egg
10 g cocoa powder
10 g coconut powder
1 teaspoon fiberhusk
20 g vanilla protein
4–5 drops stevia vanilla

Mix the the ingredients in a cup or bowl with a fork. Put in the micro about 2 minutes. Decorate with a couple of raspberries. Ready.

Come on, away with the bad refined sugar and white flour!


15 Responses to Five minutes (healthy) chocolate muffin

  1. Polly says:

    That’s amazing! I really want to try this, but we don’t have a microwave (my choice). Next time I go to my parents I’ll be trying.

  2. Helenb says:

    looks yummy :)

  3. Kylie says:

    It looks good :) So many people I know are banning sugar and flour from their diet! I feel naughty having them ;) Kx

  4. rike says:

    oh, i think i’m out. i prefer the slow-food-way of baking … even if there’s sugar and white flour in it ;)

    never tried stevia, but i have to get more information cause in germany there has been such controversial debates on possible health risks.
    it’s long been available in the swedish trade?

  5. Melanie K. says:

    I love that you are posting some recipes/things we can make at home! :-)

    P.S. I cannot stop making shaved zucchini pasta.

  6. Mihaeko says:

    I’m so curious about Fiberhusk. We have to eat gluten-free since my partner is allergic to wheat.

    (Stevia has long been available in many countries where large drug companies don’t control the artificial sweetener market. There have been studies in Japan where stevia is used widely and Europe showing no adverse health effects.)

  7. bmo says:

    ser smarrigt ut…kanske ska testa med lite honung från mina bin…vitt socker går bort…

  8. looks yummy! mmm…
    check out my blog at

    xx anna

  9. Louise says:

    Genius! Looks fantastic.

  10. Spencer says:

    Looks awesome! I love a good muffin and this recipe looks fantastic.

  11. Niina says:

    What a great little recipe! I am gluten, dairy and sugar intolerant so this is perfect :)

  12. Jessica says:

    TACK! Älskar choklad men undviker gärna det vita….

  13. Bi says:

    Elisabeth so beautiful you are and klänningen so nice, like <3

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