And more patterns

Sunday. Son, doing parkour. Daughter, Liseberg. We are left in the kitchen. The wallpaper is called Vårklockor, by Josef Frank.


My friend Caisa has this t-shirt illustrated by brilliant Tyra von Zweigbergk. Me too want.

If I had a little girl – these shoes, handmade in France by Pieni.


23 Responses to And more patterns

  1. gina says:

    Oh Elisabeth, the kitchen wallpaper
    is to die for!

  2. Elina says:

    I love the atmosphere in these photos. The cat in the top photo looks like he’s hiding behind the suitcase eavesdropping :)

  3. Chez Chouke says:

    Love the Tshirtlink andthe story on that website about trading stuff to achieve a house in the end!

  4. bmo says:

    väldigt fint och väldig lust att trycka t-shirts fick jag…tack för inspiration!

  5. Charlyn W says:

    A perfect choice, E!!!
    Love it so!

  6. Nick says:

    The Smeg looks great with mr.frog :)

  7. Helenb says:

    I love your linoleum floors that what I want in my kitchen and living areas. The wallpaper panel looks great really nice pattern and pops of colour. Im loving the light and dining setting too.

  8. Kylie says:

    This is happening to us lately too! Weekends alone again – our girls go off doing things with their friends :) We need to get our social life organised again! Parkour looks great – the art of moving I like that :) Love that t-shirt too. Kx

  9. beci says:

    my son is obsessed with parkour too (he asked for the parkour handbook for his birthday). i love josef frank and the wallpaper is a beautiful choise – as is everything you put together!

  10. Jess says:

    the wall paper is just divine! xo

  11. love love love that wallpaper!!

  12. Sara says:

    thanks for showing off the kitchen! Hiro, the Smeg, the sewing machine, the wallpaper, the dining set (the cute husband)- – the fine little life is so inspiring!

  13. Vad fint ni har det hemma..!

  14. Åsa says:

    Underbar tapet! Fint ni har det :)

  15. Jennifer says:

    love the wallpaper, the floor ~ actually, everything about your home.

  16. emma says:

    åh klockorna, de är så dödsfina. en önsketapet!

  17. evie says:

    gorgeous wallpaper! and what a cute little kitty hiding by the suitcase in the first pic : )

  18. Sanna Jussila says:

    Could you please tell us something about the dining set?

    • Elisabeth Dunker / Fine Little Day says:

      Hi Sanna. The dining set, the table is bought in furniture shop called “House” about 20 years ago. The shop is not existing today unfortunately. And the dining chairs, well I found them in the garbage room a long time ago as well. The PH lamp is a classic, designed by Poul Henningsen.

  19. Lucien says:

    lovely wallpaper! but i really liked the aqua wall paint behind as well – do you know the name of the colour? tack!

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