Pattern Afrika galore

Ok there is quite a lot of patterns and different colors in our apartment these days. “Eh, how…wild.” as a polite visitor said the other day.  Our new wallpaper, Palm Leaves by Cole & Son has given our bedroom a touch of Africa. Well that’s kind of wild.

The bedspread and the rug from the shop are adding even more Afrika. What do you think, too wild?

For Swedish readers: SVT butiken ska läggas ner. Passa på att handla för halva priset. Den här fantastiska filmen t.ex.


37 Responses to Pattern Afrika galore

  1. Helene says:

    Wild indeed :) I like it!

  2. Mihaeko says:

    I’ve never been able to commit to anything but white walls, I would miss the dazzling play of light & shadows on it. But I’ve also frequently envied others their luscious and playful colors & textures. I think the check floor and leafy walls go very nicely together…the bedspread might be distracting. I do like how the dress (shirt?) compliments the nightstand, lamps and slippers. :)

  3. Charlyn says:

    Not too wild, but perfectly wild, I’d say!

    Love it all!


  4. Ben says:

    It’s perfect, all togheter!

  5. K. says:

    And a tiger on the bed ;)
    It looks super Elisabeth, all of it!

  6. Häftiga mönster!

  7. lovelovelove the lamps and the wallpaper. the combination with the bedspread is ok, but with the rug as well is a bit much for me.

  8. gina says:

    Crazy good!

  9. Amielle says:

    I think they’re the right kind of ‘wild’. I would love to have that wallpaper in a room somewhere. One day, one day!

  10. Emmy says:

    Helt perfekt. Älskar tapeten!

  11. love it!
    and hiro perfectly fits into the picture :)

  12. Sara says:

    That wallpaper seems to open the room up in a huge way. It is as though you have moved to another country. You must be in a very expansive space yourself- and you are, with all the new design work. So, it fits!

  13. Mimmi says:

    I love the rug! It looks super in the context. Would love to see it in a full view however.

  14. Helenb says:

    There is a lot of pattern but they are big patterns and have enough structure and clear space therefore dont overwhelm visually. I really like it. :)

  15. Suzanne says:

    I love the mix of patterns, and the slightly sideways smile on the rug is perfect.

    Just wondering, did the bedspread increase in price by over €50 or did I imagine it? Thought after some scrimping and saving I now had enough to afford it, but didn’t remember the price as €222

    • Elisabeth Dunker / Fine Little Day says:

      Thanks for your comment Suzanne. The bedspread that’s in the shop now is bigger than the first one we had – double. That’s why the price is higher. It’s a very nice bedspread. Kind of rough structure, handmade in thick cotton. And colored by a mud technique called Bògòlanfini.

      • Suzanne says:

        Ahh! Didn’t spot the size. It’s gorgeous, just have to wait a while longer to get my hands on one.

  16. Kathleen says:

    I love the light fixtures near your bed on the wall. They look like beautiful tropical fruit on the wonderful wallpaper..Sweet dreams.

  17. katie says:

    not that you need it, but you’ve definitely got my approval. i don’t know how you’ve managed to make all those bold patterns look so incredibly serene. :D

  18. Kristiina says:

    That is just stunning!!

  19. altea says:

    wild enough :), definitely loving it!!

  20. Johanna says:

    Tack och välkommen! Här hos dig med. Trevlig helg!

  21. Polly says:

    totally wild and wonderful, I like it lots

  22. Inger Marie says:

    Love it all – never too many patterns :)

  23. Jag tycker tapeten och överkastet bröts väldigt fint..

  24. kristen says:

    the wall lights are amazing
    do you know where they are from or are they vintage pieces ?
    Love it all.

  25. Claire Loder says:

    It’s calm to me! The patterns are so spacious that together they seem wonderfully calm which is quite a trick!

  26. I *love* the amazing beast rug!!!

  27. fliss says:

    I absolutely love everything about it…all of it!!!

  28. alessandra says:

    wild but works perfectly!

  29. Bi says:

    Whoow…i like the patterns in all rooms ;-)

  30. anne says:

    perfectly wild :) well done!

  31. Laura Bear says:

    I couldn’t love your wallpaper choices more! Well done.

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