Wild and rather crazy

I walk past the brick house and just can not stop myself from sneak in. Look at garden. Beautifully random and rather crazy. The wild, not always practical but oh so breathtaking. Our place last June, more like a meadow or jungle.

Maurice Sendak, rest in peace.


16 Responses to Wild and rather crazy

  1. Chez Chouke says:

    Wow, isn’t it for sale? It looks like the perfect fine little place…

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Chez, no I don’t think it’s for sale. Unfortunately.

  3. annton says:

    I am in love!

  4. bmo says:

    åh, det är fint!

  5. Charlyn W says:

    Wonderful little sanctuary. :)

  6. Charlyn W says:

    p.s. Oops, I almost forgot – Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  7. All that green is beautiful!

  8. Lisen says:

    fint huuus!

  9. Rosa Maria says:

    So beautiful !
    In portuguese language, seeing fhotos like theese we say UAU
    Rosa Maria

  10. Helenb says:

    What a lovely house the garden is amazing with those random tulips popping up everywhere. I think I too would brave it and sneak in as well.

    Thanks for posting!

    Helenb :)

  11. Jo says:

    Tulips growing in the grass is a really nice thing.

  12. Kylie says:

    Gorgeous :) Kx

  13. tamar says:

    Looks like the perfect little place! Love it

  14. alice says:

    Oh so green – love the ferns

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