Cat by Britt-Marie Oskarsson. We love.

Gosh how we will freeze this weekend. We are going to our house, for the first time this year. Can’t believe it was 6 months ago we were there.

So I bought some of my favorite flowers. They came in the mail toady. In green bags filled with soil. Don’t know what to do with them. They will surely die if I plant them outdoors now, won’t they? It’s below freezing in Småland. Have to put them in some kind of pot tomorrow I guess.


8 Responses to Tomorrow

  1. GOD. Are you kidding? I just checked the pictures of your house and I can’t believe you got such a dreamy house. Uow. Amazing details. I felt like I went somewhere else… (:

  2. bmo says:

    det är nog störst chans att de klarar sig om du gräver ner dom i jorden och täcker över med MASSOR av löv och sånt…underbart med liljekonvaljer. och kissemissen trivs, ser jag…

  3. Anita says:

    Oh I love her work and follow her blog regularly. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. marielouise says:

    Hare så skönt:)

  5. Charlyn W says:

    Eeee! Stay warm and have a lovely Easter!

  6. i always sprayed my babies’ room with a lily of the valley scent. so sweet.

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