Best of Gothenburg – Artilleriet

This is a great interior shop in Gothenburg, Artilleriet. Located in a neighborhood that you do not want to miss if you come here. This is where you find the best town cafes, clothes shops and hang around places.

Great clothes shops near: Emma & Malena, Grandpa, Mouche
Great eating place near: Strömmingsluckan
Great toy store near: Krabat
Also great interior: Ashebergsgatan 24 (blogged here)
Great café near: Da Matteo
Great second hand near: Miss Ragtime, Ebbe & Haldis
Another great shop near: Prickig Katt

And more.

Artilleriet offer a modern industrial collection of home furnishings, furnitures and other interesting stuff. I love to sneak around here pretending to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Living in a big, old industrial apartment to where I can ride the bike up in the elevator straight in to the living room. The range here would fit good in that vision – A blend of classic vintage and contemporary, interesting stuff. Such as antique furniture with innovative designs from around the world, and consistently nice range of recycled items.

Above Turkish vintage Kelim carpets, patch stitched.


Fragile, delicate Italian hand-made ceramic cups. Wonderful wobbly in your hand. Shelf system of stacked wooden boxes.

Also Best of Gothenburg – Hagabadet


16 Responses to Best of Gothenburg – Artilleriet

  1. Claire Loder says:

    that place looks great Elisabeth! …..are you in the leotard in your imaginings though or your welding gear?

  2. Mimmi says:

    The rugs looks fantastic! As well as the shop.

  3. jenna says:

    i love these gothenburg posts, elisabeth! makes me want to go. living in helsinki and as easily as it is to get to sweden, i should. maybe sometime this spring.

  4. Fanny says:

    That lamp in the middle looks amazing. What a place!

  5. Brittany says:

    totally in love with everything here! Especially those rugs and that first black chair…

  6. Luis says:

    Great place, it reminds me Woody Allan’s nostalgia shop.

  7. sofia says:

    love the carpets!!

  8. fliss says:

    What a beautiful looking shop!!! I just bought 2 of those stools here in Bali for our house, they also have little coffee tables in this style too.x

  9. emma says:

    perrrfekt !

  10. Louise says:

    Wow, I love the shelf boxes, and all those CARPETS! Looks fantastic.

  11. deborah says:

    Looks fantastic, definitely somewhere I’d love to visit. Gorgeous rugs and love the wall in the first pic.
    Never imagined you as a Flashdance kinda girl!

  12. Amielle says:

    I love that third last picture, with all the different textures. But really, all of these photos are wonderful. I’d love to explore and see all those different things up close.

  13. aliciasivert says:

    Wow, helt sagolikt! Älskar ruff inredning, skira glasvaser i kontrast till buckliga slakterilampor. Och runda speglar!(!!!!) Om man skulle ta en sväng till GBG kanske.

  14. marga says:

    A totally cool shop, love the space and the products, my dream is to own my own shop back in spain, where to sell my designs together with other makers designers pieces, this has inspired me.

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