space | time giveaway*

space | time is a collaborative lifestyle zine focusing on the activities, people and places that embody that precise time of year when one season ends and another begins. Based in Vancouver, B.C with global contributors, we are self-published and semi-annual.

space | time is giving one winner the latest issue of the zine, along with 3 limited edition prints*

Issue Two: Late Winter/Early Spring 2012 includes seasonal photos, recipes, writing and how-tos from over a dozen contributors.

+ 44 full-colour pages
+ printed on 100% recycled paper
+ printed vellum cover
+ each copy is bound by hand
+ dimensions are 5.5×8.5 inches
+ a limited edition of 70 copies

Plus three special prints to keep or share, made by space | time zine editors/contributors:

+ “Matterhorn” screenprint by Madeleine Scrutton
+ “Hill” linocut by Anna-Lise Schmidt
+ “Handmade!” print by Melanie Kwan

Visit us at:

To win this candy leave a comment in this post. The winner will be chosen by a random number service and announced Thursday 5 April. Best of luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations Ana, you are the winner! Thanks to all of you who commented, and thank you space | time! (Ana, mail me your address so you can get the treasures)


207 Responses to space | time giveaway*

  1. M. says:

    This I want to win, for real! Pleeaase Mr random number service?

  2. lykke says:

    me too, i would be so lucky! greetings from berlin

  3. Paulina says:

    Perfect! I would love to have those beautiful prints.

  4. C SATHAL says:

    I love the random ;)

  5. marissa morelli says:

    I know space/time pretty well, love thier work…but those prints are beautifull..

  6. Ted says:

    Looks like a mix of my favorite Apartament, and Graphic. In other words – super. I want to win!

  7. julia says:

    oh…i love zines. and i think, i will love this zine…

  8. Lena says:

    I’ll try my luck. The magazine looks great!

  9. joy says:

    all so lovely. great name too.

  10. Erendira says:

    Oh, this is beautiful! Would love to look through all the pages!

  11. Henni says:

    Love that awesome mountain illustration!

  12. Karoline says:

    Super lovely! *fingers crossed*

  13. Prudence says:

    WOW! so generous! beautiful beautiful!

  14. vanessa r. says:

    if i’d be so lucky to win this… :)

  15. killi says:

    Lovely lovely prints!

  16. hilda says:

    fint! jag skulle gärna vinna :)

  17. pia says:

    yes please!

  18. Janet says:

    It would just be fun to be the winner.
    I know I would enjoy this.
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. Silke says:

    Lovely, fingers crossed !

  20. Aurora says:

    tusind tak.

  21. Arnaud says:


  22. rebecca says:

    what a fantastic giveaway would be great to win .

  23. jessica says:

    those prints are AMAZING.

  24. michelle says:

    who will be the lucky one? hope it’s moi!

  25. Rachel says:

    What an amazing giveaway! The zine and the prints look gorgeous; I shall keep everything crossed…

  26. Josie Ryder says:

    Oh I found out about this zine just recently and it is AMAZING!! I really want to buy the first edition but it is sold out :( The Late Summer/ Early Autumn theme of it would be perfect for me right now as I live in Australia and we are on our way to WInter. I would love to see the second edition too though, so much!

  27. I would love to win!

  28. Anne-Sophie says:

    Looks great! Would be happy to have it.

  29. Colleen Conlan says:

    That Hill print reminds me of an intricate egg – just in time for spring. Please enter me, with thanks.

  30. Bron66 says:

    Hi I would love to win! It looks great!

  31. Liz says:

    What a nice magazine!

  32. leslie castellano says:

    my grandpa’s favorite comment: “that’ll make your feet feel fine”

  33. Nic B says:

    Yes Please! :)

  34. Sui says:

    will make my day!

  35. milky says:

    oh how lovely!

  36. paul says:

    that first copy i got is awesome. are any older ones available at all?

  37. Joseph says:

    Wonder win for Joseph?

  38. jj says:

    Would love a copy! x

  39. Amielle says:

    oooh. A Canadian based magazine. I love hearing about more of those. :D Thank you for sharing with us!

  40. Kylie says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love zines and this looks fabulous :) Kx

  41. would be lovely to receive….!!

  42. Sarah says:

    Looks really cool!

  43. ezra says:

    love it!!

  44. Jeff says:


  45. Sarah W says:

    lovely! fingers crossed!

  46. brynn says:

    da best.

  47. vesle serena says:

    another pretty give away! thanks, looks awesome, count me in! :)

  48. Patrice A. says:

    oh, yes please
    I would love to win
    keep my fingers crossed

  49. Saskia says:

    Please count me in! It’s lovely! And the prints … too good to be true. But maybe …

  50. Anja vind says:

    Can i be the random one? My fingers are crossed!

  51. Anett says:

    This is nice, I like it!

  52. jag vill gärna vinna lite påskgodis.

  53. julie adore says:

    merci for the giveaway full of “classe” :)

  54. Ella says:

    Yoo hoo! Pick me! Would love to win!

  55. Linnea says:

    Super fint! Vill gärna vinna!

  56. andonala says:

    live it up!:)

  57. bex says:

    look like a lovely magazine, id love to get my hands on a copy!

  58. Birgitte says:

    Please pick me, please, please!

  59. Julie says:

    Love it, hope get to be the lucky one!!

  60. bmo says:


  61. james says:

    this. i miss things like this.
    prints look amazing~

  62. Frida says:

    galet tjusigt! hoppas jag vinner!

  63. sevda says:

    weehoo! very nice! love their site as well. very neat.

  64. Agata says:

    Maybe I will be the lucky one this time? ;-)

  65. Ymke says:

    Great to win this space / time giveaway!

  66. Reagan says:

    Lovely and cool prints! I’d love to invite these into our home!

  67. shafina says:

    how beautiful, i hope it’s me :)

  68. oh this seems very nice! i’m in!

  69. Inês says:

    Thank you again for the opportunity.
    All the best!

  70. Saskia says:

    I would love to have this..

  71. Carolina says:

    i want this!!

  72. Eva Jakobsson says:

    Ooh, I love the prints! And the theme of the zine sounds interesting for sure… I want!

  73. Holly Morrison says:

    I would love this, i can alreday imagen myself having a lovely weekend read of it!

  74. Linda says:

    Spent last year in Vancouver..this looks great

  75. Klara says:

    Oj, vad fint! Klart man måste prova lyckan med en kommentar :)

  76. Anja says:

    Ja, tack! Jag vill vara med =)

  77. such delicious sweet candy at that!

  78. morgane says:

    oh beautiful !

  79. sofia says:

    i’m in! sweet sweet zine!

  80. Nikki Cain says:

    pink fur and squid ink i hope i win :)

  81. veronica says:

    pick me…i’m living in the matterhorn country..i’m in :)

  82. esther says:

    Love this magazine and I love to win!

  83. gina says:

    Sure looks nice!

  84. Chez Chouke says:

    I’d like to take a chance!

  85. juliamck says:

    Greetings from Vancouver! Would love to win this little gem!

  86. veronique says:

    sounds wonderful

  87. Solange says:

    Hope i win! Big hugs and the best of luck from Chile :)

  88. This looks amazing, I hope I win!!

  89. Mariah says:

    Looking awesome!!:-)

  90. Helen says:

    What a cool giveaway!! This looks amazing, I hope I win.

  91. Nicky Lewis says:

    come on lady luck

  92. Hannah says:

    Ooo this is lovely. Fingers crossed.

  93. Linda says:

    Oh, how much I hope it’s me to win the giveaway. Linda

  94. Candy indeed! The prints are lovely and the zine looks great.

  95. marie says:

    yes, please!

  96. Alaina says:

    What beautiful work! I’d love to win such a treasure.

  97. Kerli says:

    So nice!

  98. Maria says:

    Lovely lovely lovely, I hope hope I win…

  99. Anouk says:

    o O O o o o o O O O O o o o o
    T H I S . I S . S O . N I C E

  100. Christy says:

    This is lovely!


    We,ll see if we are lucky this time.I really would like to read the magazine and to hang that prints.
    Thank you.

  102. María León says:

    wow! This is beautifull!!!


  103. Pilar says:

    I want it!

  104. hannah says:

    oh, i hope i win!!

  105. Rose says:

    I love stuff!


  106. Natasha says:

    So pretty. Want!

  107. Kiley says:

    i couldn’t be more in love with this zine!! it’s so beautifully made. i hope i win!!

  108. llucia says:


  109. Mar says:

    I would like to win…
    Thank you very much for this wonderful giveaway.

  110. Kristin says:

    This looks great! Would love to get a copy:)

  111. Diacritique says:

    I’m in! Thank you.

  112. I’d love to snag a copy too!

  113. Isabelle Graber says:

    Fingers crossed :-))

  114. How lovely! To win a copy would be such a thrill, I say.

  115. naa says:

    waw that’s cool!
    good luck everyone!

  116. Victoria says:

    i’m crossing my fingers!

  117. Once again a beautiful post. Good luck everybody.

  118. Jann Bell says:

    I will hang this print in my office and visitors will be ordering one for themselves.

  119. Rosa in the Antipodes says:

    Great! I love it!

  120. Alanna Graham says:

    *comment*(Please random universe!!)

  121. Sandrine bailly says:

    So nice and delicate. I’d love to receive it. Greatings from Paris!

  122. margot says:

    oooo wow! pick me!

  123. margot says:

    that’s cool! pick me!

  124. Esther says:

    this magazine looks great! thanks for the chance.

  125. simona says:

    inspirations and creativity. zines have beautiful energy.

  126. Ida says:

    Fingers crossed, och tummar hållna för att space | time kommer till mig!

  127. Anna says:

    Mulle! :)

  128. ahh amazing work i love it!!

  129. Yrla Dentén says:

    Thanks for info! Love to win!

  130. natalie says:

    i’d love to have a closer look

  131. Juuli says:

    this does look really interesting

  132. Marie-Eve says:

    A new zine? I didn’t know about it. It is great news. And if I win, It would be more great news!

  133. Licia says:

    thank you for the chance… I hope to win!

  134. Åh, någon gång är det nog mitt nummer som dras! Vilka fina bilder!

  135. Suzy Jones says:

    Pick me random number service, pick me :)


  136. Beth says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  137. Manel says:

    This looks like a very interesting ZINE!!!!

  138. Karen Ang says:

    I would love a copy of your zine!

  139. Loes Evers says:

    Liking this a lot. And now really hoping the universe has some good karma reserved for me on April 4th.

  140. Kevina Power says:

    Used to reside in Vancity for many years. Would love to win a little piece of home..



  141. Kristina M says:

    awesome giveaway! i looove all of the prints.

  142. -LO says:

    this is so so good – thank you for this giveaway – i would love to win this :)

  143. élise* says:

    Oh! I’d love to win this!!! It looks so gorgeous!

  144. Sally says:

    delish and scrummy! fingers and toes crossed ……

  145. Soona says:

    Looks great! I really love the cover and the zine name!

    greetings from the Netherlands.

    ★ ─────────── ─ ─ - -

  146. ola says:

    I want it too

  147. Charlyn W says:


  148. Jenny says:

    wow! thanks for the contest! beautiful stuff!

  149. Inger Marie says:

    Looks very nice!

  150. Mathilde says:

    This is what we all need, a little more space and a little more time. And a copy.
    Continued thanks for the beautiful blog.
    Love from Sydney.

  151. Johanna says:

    Oh, jag gillar den handsydda bindningen. Mer sånt!

  152. Christa says:

    Such a beautiful zine! Great prints!

  153. leah says:

    this is great, thanks for the chance to win!

  154. Crystal says:

    This zine looks aaamazing!

  155. Inesness says:

    Can I win this (pretty please)? ^-^

  156. Hanna says:

    oh looks super nice!

  157. maria says:

    oh this looks amazing. i would love to win that

  158. Simone says:

    Wow, looks very interesting, I lOve your blog and would love to be eligeble for the prize!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  159. Louise says:

    I love the prints, yes please!

  160. Gaelle says:

    Luck, come on, send me this lucky zine!

  161. Melanie says:

    Brilliant. Time and Space – more please! My fingers are crossed…
    Love from Melbourne x

  162. emma says:

    oh så fina

  163. Elin says:


  164. gaëlle says:

    C’est trés beau!
    Moi qui ne gagne jamais rien, je rêve que peut-être dans ma boite aux lettres….

    love from Toulouse France

  165. alessandra says:

    I do need a seasonal living guide book! :-)

  166. Amber SJ says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity to win such an awesome prize! It’s my birthday on the 5th so it would make a tops birthday present to myself :D

  167. jana says:

    looks lovely!

  168. Sara says:

    Love the prints!!

  169. Sille says:

    looks so nice ;)

  170. Diana says:

    Beautiful prints, would love to have one in my new flat…

  171. Annaed says:

    Brilliant zine! Hope I win.

  172. Nora says:

    Wow, presents!

  173. Hannakaisa says:

    I’m in!

  174. Sofie Larsen says:

    I would be thrilled to win any of the prints!

  175. maria says:

    I love all the prints, so beautiful!

  176. Elsa says:

    Everything looks beautiful!

  177. My Owl Barn says:

    It looks like a great zine! Those prints are beautiful, would love to win.

  178. Yvonne H says:

    Yes! I’d definitely love to win this!

  179. Meeri says:


    fingers crossed X

  180. Catarina says:

    Beautiful work, I’m in!

  181. Toffee-Fish says:

    Oh wow what prints again! I love this blog and love the things you present to us. Would love to win this of course.

  182. kathi says:

    The prints and the zine look great!

  183. Marlene says:

    I’d be sooo thrilled! :-) I’m in ;)

  184. abby says:

    verrrrrry nice.

  185. Oh please pick me random number selector! these are so lovely :)

  186. Linda says:

    Ser ut som ett spännande zine, och fina tryck!

  187. Oh, I need some quality artwork here in Brazil… Wish we had a magazine like that. Oh, if I had the money to run one! (:

  188. ashley says:

    yes, pretty, pretty please! x ashley

  189. Lina says:

    Åh. Min min min!!!

  190. Clare Moody says:

    would absolutely love this, if it’s not too late!

  191. Marion says:

    hum, hum, I might be a little late, but this zine and these prints look so wonderful that I can’t help entering…

  192. julie vw says:

    Hope I’m not too late! Looks lovely

  193. saky says:

    very nice blog i like the conception.its always good to share idea with people .thank you
    u can also find some ideas here

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