Precious ones. For me.


A nice flip book, Sweet Home by Terhi Ekebokm (winner of the Napa Flipbook Competition 2011). A happy finger monkey from Knätofs.

The book Ingamaj, by Lena Sjöberg. A beautiful illustrated story about a small town woman. About visions, crushed dreams and logics of life. This little book might be my all time favorite of Lena’s books. (Ingamaj is not to be found in Lena’s shop yet).

Lucky me. Look what I’ve got. A pair of Klara’s hand knitted mittens in the most wonderful golden color – lökskal (onion peel). You would like to have them all of course. The candy mittens. Take a look at Klara’s yummy cards as well.


Tagua nut bracelet found at Aschebergsgatan 24.

I’m very glad for the positive comments about Otis, the rug. Can’t wait to show you Anna‘s amazing creations and the rest of our collections. Soon 2012!


10 Responses to Presents

  1. Daniela says:

    Beautiful presents! Lucky you! Love the hand knitted mittens…

  2. it would be so nice to have at least two pairs of those mittens and mix them:) they are lovely:)

  3. I want to wish you and your family a very happy 2012, thank you for being here and share so much beauty with us!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    The same to you Yanyan, and the rest of you – Happy 2012!

  5. Malin says:

    Vilka fina klappar!
    Gott nytt år!

  6. Louise says:

    Lovely things! Happy new year to you and your family x

  7. Brinja says:

    Uh lucky you :)

    Happy new year and all the best!


  8. Jennifer says:

    Those gloves are perfect ~ I’d want a pair in every colour!

  9. duermeveland says:

    oh, so personal and beautiful things!
    (and the rug is amazing!)

  10. jasmine says:

    Such lovely things!
    Have a graet year!

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