The brick house

There was a time when we (I) dreamt of becoming the owner of this house.  Sometimes I sneaked in to the yard and peeked in through the windows when the owner was not there. He was almost never there, the author from Denmark. We suspected that he would leave it eventually. Then one day he did. We realized it when another man from Denmark moved it, with his family. No more sneaking in the garden or peeping in through windows. But they are seldom here. I still like to look at it, even from a distance.

This amazing brick house seems to have everything – ateliers, huge windows, enormous headroom, fresh kitchens, gymnastics halls, classrooms, wooden floors, herringbone floors, a beautiful green garden, wild strawberries… What a dream, makes my knees weak. And it’s for sale, cheap! All pictures here.



19 Responses to The brick house

  1. once we almost bought an old school close to landskrona! It had the most amazing gym in the attic – Now I want to buy this one! why not? It costs less than our apartment! All I will need is a very good internet connection

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Ha ha, oh please do Mette so I can come and visit! As said, it’s a dream house.

  3. Åsa says:

    Ååååååh är det så huset ser ut! Jag har kört förbi så många gånger och nästan kört av vägen lika många gånger bara för att jag varit så nyfiken på just det huset du visar på hemnetlänken. Tack för tipset. Vilka ytor…

  4. Ruby Hoppen says:

    Imagine all the tumbling and cartwheels you could do in those halls!

  5. That little house is so cute ~~ but the old schoolhouse– how cool would that be^^!

  6. Kylie says:

    House-dreaming is so much fun :) Kx

  7. marie-louise says:

    Elisabeth, vilka ställen det finns! Och så,
    God fortsättning, hoppas du har det lugnt och avkopplande:)

  8. bmo says:

    Knäsvag var ordet…Slå till!

  9. Kathleen says:

    My children would love to play hide-and-seek in that house! I love the garden around the house.

  10. Uli says:

    Wow, så fint med det röda teglet och den gröna dörren!

  11. Patrice A. says:

    my o my
    that ones looks so, so great

  12. Megan Thompson says:

    My oh my what a dream… My husband and I once rented an old mercantile shop to live in on 12 acres. It was a dream but very old and not very livable. I would very much like to live in the old brick school home. Thanks for sharing. here is a peek of the old merc we lived in:)
    cheers and thank-you for creating such a beautiful blog.

  13. Sined says:

    That school house is amazing! And you would fit so well in there. Buy it and turn it to an art and design centre!

  14. Elisabeth says:

    Sined, ha ha how I would love that. Artists could come and have classes there, I could have a little cafe and shop there and maybe a bed & breakfast…

  15. Lena says:

    Amazing, is the word!

  16. Helena Nordström says:

    Häftigt! Älskar också att fundera på vad man skulle kunna göra med rummen och ytorna..:) Stor kram till Dig

  17. helen says:

    what an amazing place!! and cheap!! i will leave Belgium for that place… in my dreams!

  18. very intriguing house! there was a house here that evoked the same mystery for me…sadly i just noticed it was bulldozed! and i kick myself for never getting a photo. surely the spot will now be haunted!

  19. So beautiful. Really charming.

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