A gingerbread house there is


It´s a Moomin gingerbread house. Here another not so messy one.
Find instructions how to make the house there as well.


Burned cakes and a messy kitchen. Just as we like it.


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  1. julia says:

    oh, i like it like that!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Rosy Cheeks Blog says:

    Å så fantastisk fint hus! Og så utrolig fin tapet i bakgrunnen, hvor er det fra?

  3. Cecilie says:

    I LOVE this, thank you so much for the pattern links!

  4. alissa loves says:

    amazing! gingerbread houses are so festive :)

  5. Sarah says:

    Just cause it's a MOOMIN gingerbread house makes it that much more awesome! :D

  6. Fine Little Day says:

    The Rosy Cheeks Blog, Kaspar & Saga från Sandbergs:

  7. asphaltandair says:

    ack! so cute!
    and with that wallpaper! great.
    yes, if the kitchen is messy then there was delicious fun at work.

  8. Kylie says:

    Oh wow!! I LOVE it!!! So gorgeous. Thanks for the link :) K

  9. The Rosy Cheeks Blog says:

    Å tusen takk :)

  10. jokemijn says:

    oh! it's lovely! i like it being a little bit messy. Do you dare to eat it?

  11. Linda says:

    Såklart vill vi också göra muminhuset. Men tror inte jag vågar äta Lilla My. Hon biter nog tillbaka.
    Tack för länk.

  12. Kaylovesvintage says:

    no way, that is more then wonderful…last year we did try to make a dutch Grachten house, guess it did look more like a garden house,lol
    guess it"s time you come to see me…need some help with my house

  13. PaisleyJade says:


  14. .naa. says:

    oh this is so lovely! I always wanted to make one…

  15. lili scratchy says:


  16. at Hanna says:

    Wonderful! I feel all inspired now, have to go home and bake. If u want a christmasgift, theres a pair of earrings as a give-away over at my place! Love, love!

  17. Steffi says:

    Sweet and lovely!

  18. Mary says:

    how wonderful!

  19. limonana says:

    looks like delicious fun!

  20. mail says:

    oh waw!!!!!

  21. fanja says:

    this is so nice, it must be very tempting to grab a little Moomin's ear when you walk past it.

  22. wsake says:

    i never did one before, but this one makes me reconsider my former habit… where did you get these cookie cutters? i`m afraid they are not available in germany…

  23. Melissa Blake says:

    Is it bad I want to eat all that?

  24. gini says:

    waou! i Love the ginger house!! and mummmmmmins!! oh i tried to make biscuits but i almost broke a tooth trying eating it!and you should have seen my hands full of raw dough like i had heavy gloves on!
    ah im a fighter i will get to make a good biscuit! hope mr Otto feeLs better! dawmed flue vaccin!



  25. emma says:


  26. la casita says:

    This is a perfect gingerbread house, it's made with love…bravi bambini!
    anita loves it:-)

  27. nathalie et cetera says:

    mmmm! it looks so good. but the first bite must be so hard to take. Who would want to break this beauty!

  28. Maria says:

    så fint så fint! kommer det hållas helt ouppätet tills jul? ;)

  29. Coralene says:

    Bless, it's perfect!

  30. Fine Little Day says:

    Maria, det kommer att bli uppätet innan. Helt säkert.

  31. Anonymous says:

    fina hus! synd att äta nästan. Tack för allt! Kram U

  32. Krissy says:

    Aww! The Moomins!

  33. Abigail A. Percy says:

    Completely wonderful… i want to eat it ;)

  34. Veja cecilia says:

    det är superfint! kanske ska man våga sig på ett hus i år ändå!

  35. Lovely World says:

    t turned out quite nicely. A gingerbread tower!

  36. Louise says:

    wooow! 10/10 its awesome!

  37. Louise says:

    Charmigt. Jag gillar mumin.

  38. Jessica says:

    It´s wonderful and your children like you for that!!

  39. Greer says:

    this is so cute. how lovely.

  40. Daisy says:

    Jag är mållös. Muminhuset. Suck.

  41. Bohemian girl says:

    Fantastik hus! That one guy looks like Gena, I am sorry, maybe that is what Moomin reffers too.
    I am also ready here for gingerbread cookies. But we will eat them before Christmas. I am sure.

  42. mieke willems says:

    this is soo beautiful! WOW!

  43. kristina - no penny for them says:

    how cool – a moomin gingerbread skyscraper… yay!

  44. JenniS says:

    Oo maybe you could courier one to NZ as a prize!! I would lick it all first so no-one else could eat it ;-) How cool and what a great mum you are.

  45. marie says:

    wow this looks so great!
    im sure it'll be taste great too :) enjoy it!

  46. pimienta says:

    i love it! :)

  47. Alexandra Hedberg says:

    Åh – vad underbart pepparkakshus!

    • Eko says:

      waou! i Love the ginger house!! and mmmmummmins!! oh i tried to make biscuits but i almost broke a tooth trying eating it!and you should have seen my hands full of raw dough like i had heavy gloves on!ah im a fighter i will get to make a good biscuit! hope mr Otto feeLs better! dawmed flue vaccin!Lovegini

  48. Anna at D16 says:

    WONDERFUL!! Love.

  49. ida says:

    men åh vilket sammanträffande, igår pratade jag och några vänner om att vi borde bygga ett mumin-pepparkakshus! erat var fint :)

  50. misako mimoko says:

    So lovely!! hahaha! what a great time you've had!
    i love ginger cookies, this house has to be so yummy!
    i'll try to do it this Christmas :)

  51. Tomushka says:

    I have no idea how to make a ginger bread. I do not know how to get patience to bake, build and decorate everything this!

  52. Leen says:

    This looks amazing!! wow!

  53. Patsy Desautel says:

    I found your blog through Angry Chicken and I am SO GLAD because I found this Moomin Gingerbread house and it brought back fond memories from when I lived in Finland a year ago as an Exchanger!! Thanks so much and please share more Holiday Spirit, Scandinavia knows how to do it right. Happy Moomin Holidays!!!

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