Giveaway winner

Congratulations Kaffiknopf, you are the lucky giveaway winner of the organic cotton doll made by Yfat, Olie. Thank you all of you who commented, and thanks to you Yfat.



2 Responses to Giveaway winner

  1. Kari Sobeck says:

    I just saw this today, 12/27/11. I was excited to see the website and when I saw a free drawing, I was excited to enter, but it’s over. I just became a grandma, officially, 12/15/11. My daughter and her husband just finalized adoption on our baby Ella 12/15/11. We have had her in our family since 7/30/11. We absolutely love her and I look forward to viewing your website for creative ideas, as I am now babysitting daily!

  2. Wendi graves says:

    I have one of these dolls and my daughter is always looking at it and touching it. I would love to she her open her own.

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