Christmas market preparations

There was a lot of people working in the studio today. Mostly with Julform, the market. But me and Klara did a lot of packing too (thank you for all orders!). Gosh the Paumes books sold out quickly. But happily they will be back in stock again next week. Please send a mail if you would like to reserve a specific one.

As you might remember we started a Christmas market last year called Julform. The market was a great success and will of course be back this year as well. This weekend in fact. Even if I’m not “in charge of it” this time I will be involved as one of the exhibitors. If you are in Gothenburg friday–sunday you really should stop by Röhsska and visit the market.


JULFORM 2011, Wernstedthallen, Röhsska museet:
9 december 16–19
10 december 11–17
11 december 11–17

The market will be filled with high quality products made by established craftsmen and designers. Like these Christmas sprawling kitchen towels made by Cecilia or the velvet pillow below, made by the same.

Is it not amazing Cecilia‘s pillow (remember the drawing?) In black velvet. I’m drawling! As said Cecilia is a pattern queen. Look here. Leave a comment at Cecilia’s blog if you’re interested in buying one.

Klara‘s gorgeous mittens will be sold at the market as well. You hear, you just can’t miss this. Kom!

Another pattern queen, Katy Goutefangea.


12 Responses to Christmas market preparations

  1. Zane says:

    love the photos

  2. Freckle says:

    That pillow sure looks like a treasure! The kitchen towels as well, where can I fint them? (Love your photos)

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Freckle, mail Cecilia if you are interested in the kitchen towels. She will be selling a bunch of them at the Christmas market this weekend!

  4. Kylie says:

    Such a beautiful design! I love Cecilia’s work too.
    So wishing I could be at your xmas fair, but best wishes for it going well! I love the freshness of red and white – looks great :) Kx

  5. Louise says:

    love the poster!

  6. Jayne says:

    Oh I so wish I could see it! I love the advertisement for it- obviously a lot of work has gone into the design! And the cushion is absolutely gorgeous :)

  7. bmo says:

    Åh så många finingar…så mycket kul ni har för er i Göteborg…lycka till på julmarknaden!

  8. Inger Marie says:

    Ohh, I would love to come (if Gothenburg was just a little closer to Copenhagen!) – the photos are so beautiful!

  9. ida says:

    åh vad fint, ses där!

  10. riotyarn says:

    Jag kan knappt bärga mig. Er marknad är ett måste.

  11. louise says:

    oh, i love your lip color on the pict number 4.

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