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The Sri Lankan floor mats 2

The Sri Lankan floor mats are such treats.
Old, worn, discolored textiles gets new life as colorful texile cakes.

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The Sri Lankan floor mats

We were out in the woods the other day, Klara and I. Shooting a textile tipi, our new rug and some cones. You who follow at Instagram might have notice that we brought some of these amazing floor mats out there as well.

Earlier this year me and my family visited Sri Lanka (such a nice country!), and I fell in love with  these floor mats, mainly made by women at home by old textiles. Strips of fabrics are sewed on a piece of thicker textile. A great way to get a good use of old, worn and even discolored textiles.


I couldn’t resist in bringing a bunch of them home. I have more than I need though so some of these treasures will be avalible in the shop, in set of 4. The profits for them will go to a lovely coconuts salesman, Mr Subasiri with wife and four children.

One more post with them coming up. I might have to upload some on Pinterest as well.

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Wild style weaving

The respect and admiration you feel towards someone who literally built a house with his/her hands.

A couple of days ago we took a boat out to a little island to meet a family and a lady who makes cinnamon oils, spices and and practicing the ancient craft of weaving palm leaves. She was generous enough to show us how to braid palm leaves. The palm as weaving material is just great. Beautiful and firm. Even for clumsy hands like mine.

Accordning to the lady a palm leaf huts is really durable. Water-resistant at the same time as it allows ventilation and air circulation.

Palm leaf art at Flickr.

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The handmade floor mats

Where ever you go here in Sri Lanka you see these kind of floor mats. The mats are mainly made by women at home by old textiles. They cut strips of fabrics and sew it on a piece of thicker, often in denim textile. Found similar ones when we were in Vietnam a couple of years ago. I know they can be found in Indonesia as well. Reminds of the crocheted mats made by old plastic bags.

Also made by recycled bags.

How to Make a Rug from Plastic Grocery Bags.

Wonkyworld, blog about quilts.

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Definitely a love song

According to Lonely Planet‘s team of travel experts, Sri Lanka is on the top of the list of contries you can’t afford to miss 2013.

“Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, killer surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea, flavourful food – need we go on?”

Couldn’t agree more. Sri Lanka suits us well.
Below the back of the floor mats we found at the local market today. Such a great way to reuse textile. See the fronts here.

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The best ice cream sign

We like Hikkaduwa, Galle and the Sri Lanka we’ve seen so far. Can that be some kind of Norfolk Island Pine, above? My plants at Pinterest.

And the hair color. A bit sun bleached now, but still green.

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And palms

This place. Even better than expected. Friendly folks, the food, palms and surreal beaches.

Ok I’m fully aware of the disturbing, perfect postcard feeling in these photos, but I couldn’t help myself. Might have shown you my disfigured, patchy tan instead. Don’t get it, I did use sunscreen..

Palms by Fredrich Kuhn

Venice Beach Palms

Palms kids clothes

Palm necklace

Favorite mug with palms, and camels

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We are in Sri Lanka

Dear diary. We are in Sri Lanka in a town called Hikkaduwa. Today we saw several gigant turtles and jumping dolphins. Everything is fine, we have blue sky, sun and Wi-Fi.

Support illustrator Andrew Groves’ Miscellaneous Adventures Woodland Wood Carving Workshops on Kickstarter.

Alex Palenski’s mobiles again.

And a short interview with me over at Frankie.

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