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Painting Easter

Two grown ups, three kids and a cat was involved. In bringing some Easter mood to the house, primary for the guests that will be staying here when we leave in a couple of days. Going to Sri Lanka. Looking forward to it. Much.

So we are a bit early this Easter, with the egg painting. Tip: Do you know about the Lyra pencils? If artist Eric Magassa say that this is the best glue. I say that the Lyra pencils are the best color pencils. I’ve been drawing with Lyra since I was a kid, and keep coming back to them. Ergonomic, triangular colored pencils (easy for small hands to grip too) with super quality pigments. Even for egg painting. I’m very pleased to have these treasure pens in the shop as well now.

Plate above is painted with a porcelain pen. Love those ones too. Easy to paint with, like markers. Check out the pot Mogu painted when she visited a couple of months ago.

While we’re on it, don’t miss Tiang Tang’s table Come and draw.

Another version of our House or Rym porcelain.

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