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One of my most precious ones

An old Lundby dollhouse. Perfect patina, great wallpapers. Unfurnished still. Someone has carved “here” in the door.


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If you look close


Ukkonooa, not only a cool name (means what?) and banner but also some great posts. Look at this handmade doll house (drooling). And if you look close you’ll see some for me, familiar black trees. I like them there.

Best dollhouse site.

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Would use them mixed something like this. Examples how the patterns look side by side.


They would probably look very tiny in our house though, the “Floor and wall tiles for every room in your dollhouse”.

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Modern dollhouse

Birch plywood, stainless steel, transparent varnish, wheels… I wouldn’t mind to play with this and the other fabulous, modern dollhouses made by Liliane.

How I wish I had tagged my posts when I started to blog. Anyway if you want to see some of my earlier dollhouse posts, search “dollhouse” in the search box top left.

I’m honored to say that there is an interview with me over at Milk Magazine (in French).

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Currently for sale

For sale at Lauritz: Two-seats tricycle. Gorgeous.

For sale at Blocket: “Kindergarten dollhouse“. Playable from several directions, and it has wheels.

Gingerbread dollhouse (not for sale).
Currently for sale for grandpa.

This is a pre-programmed post. I’m on my way to Vietnam. Hopefully I’ll be able to say hi to you from there soon.

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Blog to love 4 – The House of Lisa

-“Lisa has a passion for dollhouses which is a whole chapter of it’s own.” That’s what I wrote a couple of years ago when I visited her at home. She did not have a blog then. She has now (since a while back), a fantastic blog. The house of Lisa.


The blog is mainly about various interior projects that Lisa has. About a constant renovation going on. She also has a gallery where she present artists and designers she finds interesting. And all of it takes place in a dollhouse.

A typical The House of Lisa-post. “I ordered the cabinet from this great designer!

She’s a great crafter too, Lisa. She is the one who have made Camilla Engman’s famous cloud by the way. She has a shop. And she has made this amazing textile “A dollhouse by night”.

Once upon a time (loong time ago) I wrote a fan letter. It was to Lisa. She had done an amazing dollhouse, which you could walk around and look into from several angels. It was an exhibition. I got stuck at her house for several hours. I love Lisa’s world, and house.

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Too dark to photograph in the afternoons nowdays of course. But with a tripod. Artificially light and grainy photos.
I called about this (very cheap) dollhouse, but no one answered. This seems to be for sale still. This is a classic, nice but I have a similar one. Prefer the handmade ones. Two of our handmade houses.

The book, Sculpture in paper, by Ralph Fabri

Remember our shelf house?

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2011/01/02 Quality time

Browsing Ebay and Blocket for handmade dollhouses.

Kollar Ebay och Blocket efter sjyssta dockskåp.

The Kid City project, via Handmade Charlotte.
A book about children and their rooms, “Where the children sleep”.

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What to do with the shelf.

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What a siteThe best dollhouse site I´ve seen. Thank you
the other room for the link!

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