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Water lilies

New pattern, hope you like.

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Wanted to share some photos from the weekend

At Brännö together with Julia and Thea.

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Making up for lost time

So here, a bunch of photos from Fine Little Day headquarters in the old spinnery in Lindome, Sweden where we hang out nowadays.  This place is bliss. And we have so many great things going on.

FIRST in October 2015 Fine Little Day Studio has the honor to arrange a solo exhibition by Mogu Takahashi! The vernissage will be held 10 October, and the show will run for a month. Can not wait for that one.

Today we unpacked Betonggruvan’s marvelous shelf system wich we are super glad to have it in store!

Almost forgot, Fine Little Day book is available in English now! Ok over and out.

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Peep in to our office on a Thursday afternoon

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Crocheted mini Pirum Parum & Apple Papple

The unpacking days usually mostly involve sore backs, scratched hands and sweat. But sometimes the packages comes with surprises that lightens up a whole crew. As some of you might saw at Instagram, this crocheted couple came in the mail today. Recognize them? Yes it’s my old companions, Pirum Parum and Apple Papple made by Anna Harvanova. What a nice surprise, and honor!

Oh and the shoes too, brings me not only centimeters but true light also. From Reschia.

Silk Scarf – Majbritt Mod.

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I blog

Been blogging for over 6 years now. So many photos in the digital drawers. Even if Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. swells over I still enjoy this forum. Very much. And I still enjoy visit blogs my self occasionally. Like Mieke Willem’s blog, look at this amazing find.

There is an interview with me over at Femina magazine today (in Swedish).

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