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Spring visited Gothenburg for a while (earlier today), it’s snowing now however. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love this House of Rym tablecloth “Wild things” designed by Tove Berggren. And also, look mum I have a friend.

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Handicraft / Hemslöjden Skåne

Some more pictures from my visit to Hemslöjden Skåne in Landskrona, Sweden. Not only did I have the opportunity to take a closer look to their part of the but also visit their workshop studio, exhibition gallery and shop all gathered under the same roof in a wonderful old station house. Don’t miss this place if you pass by Skåne! If you don’t, you can always enjoy the digital collections of Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening.

Also, Skånes Hemslöjdsförbund organizes handicraft courses for those interested in embroidery or wood carving for example. Take a look here.

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Behind the scenes in the archive

As mention in earlier post I was invited to Hemslöjden Skåne in Landskrona, Sweden to visit their digital archive at a couple of weeks ago. The collection of handicraft objects is unique and an important part of the Swedish handicraft history. The cataloged and digitized archive makes the objects available for anyone enter the museum online.

In an orderliness and well looked after library, treasures from hundreds of years back, fragile and beautiful treasures hide. I got to see the textile items but in the collection you’ll find everything from wooden spoons, photographs and candle holders to quilts, dolls, aprons and more.

The textiles in this post are gathered in the collections of Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening.

This is a great source to not only enjoy as eye candy, but to get knowledge and inspiration.

Hemslöjdens samlingar
Inom Hemslöjdsrörelsen i Sverige finns arkiv med samlingar av slöjd, inventeringar, foton, mönster och prover från 100 års samlad verksamhet. Hemslöjdens Samlingar omfattar ett 30-tal arkiv från hela Sverige, drygt 45.000 föremål. På initiativ av Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor, och Sveriges Hemslöjdsföreningars Riksförbund, överfördes hösten 2013 enbefintlig databasen till Primus Net/Digitalt museum. Samlingarna blir på ett helt nytt sätt tillgängliga, dels för forskning, dels som kunskapsbank och inspirationskälla för yrkesverksamma inom de kreativa näringarna och för en slöjdintresserad allmänhet.

Två hemslöjdsarkiv i Skåne
Skånes två hemslöjdsarkiv, Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd och Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförenings arkiv, har potential att bli en resurs för forskare, yrkesverksamma inom de kreativa näringarna och en slöjdintresserad allmänhet. Där finns allt från 1700-tals dynor i flamsk till skisser av textilkonstnärer som Ingrid Dessau, Lilli Zickermans textilinventering och filminspelningar av korgmakare i norra Skåne från tidigt 1900-tal. Överföringen av Hemslöjdens Samlingar till Primus Net/Digitalt museum gör det möjligt för oss att tillgängliggöra vårt arkivmaterial för en bred publik. Idag är ca 50% av Skånes samlingarna registrerade i databasen Primus, drygt 4000 poster varav ca 1500 är publicerade på Digital Museum. Det som har publicerats är främst föremålsposter.

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Digital treasures 2

When I look in the Hemslöjdens digital archive I look for things wobbly, decorative and worn. Traces of time and hands. Expressions that catches my eye and makes ideas and thoughts pop up. This is such nice source to dig in to. Some of my personal favorites is to be found here.

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Digital treasures!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Hemslöjden Skåne in Landskrona, Sweden to visit their digital archive at The visit was kind of overwhelming and I got an uplifting visual vitamin shock that will last many months ahead. For those interested in inspiring textiles, photographs and various, antique folkart artifacts you’ll find a generous and digital archive at The textiles above and under are collected from Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening archives, whom have a rich textile tradition.

I will in this, and the coming posts show you a bunch of eye candy which I got a look at, at the visit. I was also asked to gather some of my personal favorites in Skåne’s digital archive, which I’ve done here.

Here you’ll find all the folders from not only Skåne’s collections but all the Hemslöjden regions in Sweden.

During the 1900s, Swedish handicraft associations built up unique collections of objects. Since 1996, these items are cataloged and digitized to make the objects available. The collection includes examples of handicraft associations’ own production and traditional crafts. Baskets, gloves, wrought iron candle holders, wooden spoons, fabric samples, ceramic dishes and much more. The collections are an important part of the handicraft history. In Hemslöjdens collections are more than 45 000 objects registered. A selection of objects from the collections are now available in digital museum and we are constantly working to more items will become available on the digital museum. Hemslöjden’s collections is a collaboration between the Swedish Handicraft Unions’ Association and its member associations and the council for handicraft council and handicraft engines.



Speaking of craft here is an interview with me at Pavilion Craft.


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Maria Sandberg textiles

I like designer Maria Sandberg‘s textile collection “PANGAEA” which aims to highlight important regions around the world with endangered wildlife and invaluable nature. The collection consist of knitted plaids and babyplaids, cushions and towels, locally produced in Sweden. Some of the sales of products with pattern Arctica-Antarctica goes to WWF Arctic Program and their work with climate change. See more at Maria Sandberg.

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Scarfs I need

From talanted Géraldine Bertrand.

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Ángela León

Spanish, industrial designer Ángela León is based in Brazil and just made her first textile collection. I like it!


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Birch mittens

I have everything I need really. Can’t help turn ridiculously excited and happy when seeing these though, Birch mittens our very own design.

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Print all over me!

Now this was fun. All them in the drawer (hard drive) sketches, turn them into textiles. Or digital textiles at least. I love this tool Print all over me. These are not only my own, but the then 6-year old son’s drawings, turned into clothes pieces. Design yourself, anyone can do it, just go bananas!

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