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Swantje Hinrichsen

A couple of days ago me and Fine Little Day store colleague @peggylainen jumped on a plane to Germany to visit graphic designer and illustrator Swantje Hinrichsen aka @swantjeundfrieda, who lives in an old brick house in Münster. We were suppose to shoot a part of Fine Little Day store’s new catalogue there, and also do a little home tour.

I was planning to write something about Swantje’s education, career etc. in this post but I I’ll skip it, you can google that.

Just want to tell that I found a “refrigerator friend” in Swantje. A term originated (I believe) in the book “Bowling Alone“. That would be a friend who can walk right in the door, open up your refrigerator and look for something to eat, without thinking much about it.  The thing is we spent hours and hours at this place without realizing it, and also got our life’s most tastiest Avocado cake. The lady sure had a the gift of hospitality, this was a place where to feel free to be yourself. We had a good time, thanks again Swantje!

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25 – 28 September

I’m taking over this month’s #mollietakeover AND this board.

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Fence + Instagram

If you are a sucker for fences you might want to visit Svenska Gärdsgårdar and follow their Instagram account. Magical.

The traditional Swedish round pole fence, Gärdesgård/Gärdsgård is built with natural materials from locally grown timber, using sustainable methods:

“These traditional fences almost disappared from the landscape during the 20th century but somehow the handicraft managed to survive, and now its steadily getting more popular again. Svenska gärdsgårdar builds fences in the traditional style and stay true to the old fashion way of building, only using wood throughout the whole construction, which gives you a environmental friendly fence without a single nail in it! A well built gärdsgård fence is beautiful to look at, and stands for many years, aging with grace.”

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Fashion brand / Kuplo

KUPLO is a duo of designers. Karolina Kuczer Graduated from the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, 2014. Marcin Ploszaj Graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, 2009. Their firs collection “Inside” was the final collection at the international fashion competition Re Act Fashion Show in Lodz (2012) Their works have been presented at the international fashion competition Off Fashion Kielce (2013, 2014) and was awarded by sephora twice.”

KUPLO Instagram. Support the duo’s new collection here.

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Tattoos I need

Instagram bitchinkworldwide, and Facebook.

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Instagram favorite – Tyra von Zweigbergk

Are you following genius Tyra von Zweigbergk?


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Instagram favorite – Flickan och Tanten

Flickan och Tanten.
This Instagram account appears almost a bit unreal, in all its beauty. A Swedish family in a beautiful rural house somewhere in the countryside. The mother of the house has an exceptionally aesthetic eye and hand. As soon as they turn up in the feed you can tell, that they are Flickan och Tanten pics.


Below a 1920′s inspired wallpaper, frequently exposed in Flickan och Tanten‘s feed. The wallpaper is called Katarina and can be found at Sandberg Tyg & Tapet. Unfortunately not in the nice colourway as below, as Sandberg stopped producing it a couple of years ago. (Snälla Sandberg, ta tillbaka färgställningen). The black version is nice as well though.


Instagram favorite – Flickan och Tanten.



Below painting, made by Flickan och Tanten.


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Instagram favorite – Brydie Brown


Ah this is so beautiful. Fabric mâché handmade art and more, at artist Brydie Brown’s Instagram. Unique pieces from recycled materials and vintage fabrics, also in her shop.


Want to try Papier-mâché with fabric your self? Learn how to here.

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Instagram favorite – Kjersti Johanne Barli

Kjersti Johanne Barli is an illustrator based in Oslo, Norway. Here is Kjersti’s Instagram account.

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Instagram – illustrated children’s books

Take a look at Illustrated children’s books.


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