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Råda Gelato

Looking for delicious, real-deal Gelato with pure organic ingredients? Look no further, find it here in Gothenburg, at Råda Gelato. Even if I live about 200 meters away from this cream sublime scoop shop I visited the first time just a couple of days ago. Actually it was my friend Julia who took me there. Thank you Julia for making me head over heels addicted, and good bye Häagen-Dazs, Råda Gelato Ice cream I’m in love.

The ice cream is just a great mixture of fluffy and clean, rich ingrediens without artificial additives, with more or less innovative and playful flavors like, lime basilica, papaya and cheese cake and brown butter, inspired by season, lust and availability.

The difference between ice cream and gelato.

Make your own Gelato.

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A’ la London 2017

It’s time for the design market à la London which is happening this weekend in Gothenburg, Friday 17 – 20, Sat & Sun 10 – 18. Here, some peeps from some of today’s personal favorites. For more info about the exhibitors check out à la London.

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Hotel Eggers

Things are fun, I’m back to semi-regular blogging. Under the tag #bestofgothenburg on Insta and here, I’m aiming to continue show some of my favorite Gothenburg things, people and places.

Thanks to my friend and colleague Drömma-Lotta I got my eyes on one of our town’s most interesting and good looking hotels, Hotel Eggers, which I visited today. Now this is the place where you want to stay when visiting Gothenburg, located just beside the train station. Every room is divine and has different styles. I had the opportunity to shoot in this one today. I love this wallpaper from Duro “Hudiksvalls Teater“. A wallpaper from in the early 1880s (discovered 1972 during a restoration of Hudiksvalls teater).

Hotel Eggers is one of Sweden’s oldest hotels, with parts of the property, amazingly enough, resting on the remains of Gothenburg’s old city walls from the 1600s and 1700s. The hotel opened 1894 and have had a list of prominent people and royals staying here during the years. There’s also an unique history including the artists Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Karl Nordström, who together with a bunch of other artists founded Swedish Konstnärsförbundet here at the hotel.

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Paula Hagerskans / jewelry designer

A couple of pics from when daughter Tovalisa and I visited jewelry designer Paula Hagerskans today. Paula is a neighbor of mine in Spinneriet, Lindome. Completely self-taught she makes incredible nature inspired pieces – necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Not only jewels though, but watches also now (well, kind of a jewelry that too). Neat, good looking, want-to-have-everyone-of-them watches.

Paula also organizes courses in how to make jewelry. Tovalisa had the opportunity to make a silver ring for her self today. Not only she was thrilled, but I might have to become a jewelry designer in next life.

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Fish scale slate facade / Djurgårdsskolan

Among the oldest schools in Gothenburg in use, is Djurgårdsskolan with the oldest part built in 1864.

The school comprises three buildings arranged around a schoolyard. One of them is this stone brick house with a wooden veranda and a splendid fish scale-slate facade. Large, smooth, flat slate pieces with amazing color variations in gray, blue, green, black and even reddish-gray.

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Stylish blinds / Emma von Brömssen

Finally some really nice blinds. Talented pattern designer (and friend) Emma von Brömssen‘s collaboration with Sandatex was shown today at Remfabriken here in Gothenburg, what a hit!

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WoW 2016

2016′s Way out West was muddy, rainy and good! Best of the concert I visited was Kamasi Washington & Miles Mosley + Big Sean.

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Urban gardening in Gothenburg / Växtverket

A splendid, urban garden centre has opened in Majorna here in Gothenburg, stuffed with good looking plants and garden accessories. This innovative place is called Växtverket and is run by Lisa & Lisa.

Växtverket Instagram.

Fixfabriken, Bruksgatan 17, Göteborg.

Above, Doktor Westerlund. (The only plant I know the name of, kind of. Smells good.)


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Gothenburg’s got talent / Folk och Form

Bags above and below in reused materials, by Lotta Norrman.

Don’t miss the craft shop AFFÄR / Folk och Form at Fritidsagenturen here in Gothenburg, Sweden if you are in the neighborhood this weekend. Here a little peep what to find over there.

Fredag 11/12 12-00 // 17.30 Vernissage // 20.00 Performance
Lördag 12/12 11-19
Söndag 13/12 11-19

Carved wood by Knut Östgård.

Handprinted eco tote bag by Lidia Blomgren.

Wool blanket by Anitta Vanhapiha.

Lampshades in reused material by, Linus Nilsson.

Ceramic above by Charlotta Lind.

Ceramic above by Charlotta Klingström.

Ceramic mug by Eva Zethraeus & Anna Bauer. Mittens by Solveig Larsson.

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A’ la London

The design market à la London which is happening this weekend in Gothenburg, was crowded today. Here, some peeps.

Above great prints from Vaennstroem.

Batik textiles from Elisabeth Persdotter Andren.


Wonderful children’s clothes by Eva Müller.

Below, blue shirt by Repr:s Lene Lindergarth.


A bag of crisps! by Maja Blomqvist, Baum work/shop.

Below, caps by Kepsmakeriet.

Above prints, potmats and cutting boards by Pahwow.

Below Henry Rude.

Pot mat by Maja Blomqvist, Baum work/shop.

Bracelet in leather by Eduard Accessories.

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