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Gothenburg’s Chocolate Factory / Storm & Bille

Can you believe it, we have our very own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here in Gothenburg, Storm & Bille.  The chocolate-makers Johan Storm and Kistin Bille, creating gourmet chocolate all the way from bean to bar, made in small batches using artisanal manufacturing methods.

Not only superb infusions of spices and fruitiness combined with premium chocolate but also visually tempting packaging. Chocolate lovers out there, if you are in or visit Gothenburg, this place is a must.

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Soon. Joy!

Can’t wait to get this collaboration going. Fine Little Day + EKTA, aka Daniel Götesson.

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Nevven Gallery

Navven Gallery check it out.

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Växtverket / Joanna Bagge / Fine Little Day

Wohoo garden party with star stylist Joanna Bagge + Växtverket and us. What a great day. Thank you all of you beautiful people who joined in. Hope to see you soon again!

Thanks also Joanna, Lisa and the best Fine Little Day store crew.

Reklam för gammalt och nytt från Fine Little Day store.

Colleague Satoko had sewn wonderful pants of the water lilies textile, also combined it with patterns and colors in a way only she can.

Setting by Joanna Bagge with our new (coming) Rutig grey table cloth.

The coolest visitors.

I love Nanna‘s tattoo by Maja-Lisa Bekken.

That’s me tryna look cute, he?

The sense she have this woman, Joanna Bagge.

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Great artist collaboration

Had the pleasure to join in ceramic artist Kajsa Cramer and pattern designer Emma von Brömssen’s vernissage launch of a perfect artist fusion in the project Bliss the collection yesterday. Tea oriented ceramics and sublime textiles, everything very delicate and visual. Take a look your self.

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Thank you Way out West

So much good during this year’s festival. My favorites: Vince Staples, Tove Styrke, Perfume Genius and Churros.

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Way out West 2017

Hands in the air we have Way out West. First day, sunshine and even Frank Ocean turned up.

Tove Styrke.

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EKTA / sketchbooks I-III

Amazing Gothenburg based, Swedish artist EKTA, aka Daniel Götesson 360 pages sketchbooks I-III can come true via this Kickstarter campaign.

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Råda Gelato

Looking for delicious, real-deal Gelato with pure organic ingredients? Look no further, find it here in Gothenburg, at Råda Gelato. Even if I live about 200 meters away from this cream sublime scoop shop I visited the first time just a couple of days ago. Actually it was my friend Julia who took me there. Thank you Julia for making me head over heels addicted, and good bye Häagen-Dazs, Råda Gelato Ice cream I’m in love.

The ice cream is just a great mixture of fluffy and clean, rich ingrediens without artificial additives, with more or less innovative and playful flavors like, lime basilica, papaya and cheese cake and brown butter, inspired by season, lust and availability.

The difference between ice cream and gelato.

Make your own Gelato.

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A’ la London 2017

It’s time for the design market à la London which is happening this weekend in Gothenburg, Friday 17 – 20, Sat & Sun 10 – 18. Here, some peeps from some of today’s personal favorites. For more info about the exhibitors check out à la London.

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