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Hiro, vacation and gooseberry

As we are going on vacation next week we will rent our house to summer guests, which brought us to a major house cleaning this weekend. Not that the place were roughly soiled or so, but we really want it to look its best when the guests arrive. This is the first time we rent it so we are a bit nervous, what will the guests think. I guess its one thing to experience through pictures and another thing to experience in real life. We ourselves are going to LA/USA (!) and will rent an apartment there, all via Airbnb. Great concept that one, have you tried it?

Our apartment in the city will be borrowed by relatives and the cats will take a trip to Skåne. Luckily one of the cats (Hiro) really enjoy it there, while Rut hide under a bed most of the time. Well I guess she has to loosen up a bit now since we will be away for more than a weakend.

100 Swedish cabin dreams for sale.

Rörstrand, Krusbär – gooseberry weekend flea find.

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For sale this very moment

You know the amazing chairs I wrote about a couple of days ago, similar ones are to be find for sale at Bukowskis this very moment and for about 19 hours ahead (thanks for the tip Aja). Turned out that they are theatre chairs from Malmö Stadsteaters lilla scen, Intiman designed by David Helldén.


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The details and the blue wallpaper

A cute place for sale at Hemnet. Also take a look at this castle-like place.


About four months until we come back.

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About the house

So. We are selling our house.
Thank you for your concern and warm comments. The decision has not been easy to take and even if the outcome still depends on certain circumstances, we are still optimistic about the future.

We have not decided which channels we’ll use to sell the house yet. As said, we are anxious to leave the house to the best and the right new owner. Therefore I will tell about the house only in my own channels to begin with. I know that many of you readers are people who would appreciate a place like this. So if know someone who would have possibility and that you think might be interested, you might want to help to spread the word.

Now, I will tell you more about this place.

I will write this post in English as usual. If you are Swedish and interested, please mail (see “contact” to the left) if you want to read Swedish.

Above to the right, the barn loft.

The house is located in Bodafors. North of Gotheburg, south of Stockholm, in Småland. One of Swedens most sea rich area, over 4,000 lakes. You may recognize it from children’s book author Astrid Lindgren‘s books.
The house is built in the 30′s. It’s a typical house for the area. People used to lived here all year long. It’s winterized by old standards (not with our prefereces). The stoves in the house warms up the house good though.

It’s quite a spacious place, for being a country house. The main house has three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, a roomy hall and a bathroom. The bedrooms, hall and living room has wallpapers. The garden is quite airy too. A bit wild and untamed. Apple trees, currants, rhubarbs and a few wild strawberries. I especially like afternoons the garden, when the day is about to go over to evening. The light is magical.

What we fell for was that the house feels genuine and quite untouched. But still it has practical, modern facilities such as running water, a toilet and shower. There is even a functioning washing machine in the basement. We also fell in love with the tone in the house – freindly, welcoming. And even if it’s located in a tiny village, and stand side by side with a forest it’s not at all isolated in the middle of a lonley area. Actually there are neighbors, all year round neighbors. Our house is the only house that is used as a country house in the closest area. Feels safe. The neighbors are not super close but they are there. Don’t think we had bought the house if is stood solitary alone. There is a road near the house, so new owners might want to put up a fence if there are little ones moving along.

Every bedroom has working tile stoves in them. And in the kitchen there is an AGA-stove which we fire on chilly days (husband’s favorite).

The other buildings.
The little red guest house is an old cleaned up hen house. That house is almost the place I like most. Picturesque, charming. There is also a combined garage, woodshed, barn and a beautiful loft with wood plank floor (where we sit when the weather is not allowing us outdoors). There is a pink little playhouse (needs renovation) in the garden as well.

Well, what’s more to say? Please help me with question if you have any. Most of the furnitures and furnishings will be included in a purchase.

Technical details:
Built: 1933. Living space: 93 kvm.

More photos at Pinterest.

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Our house. For sale

I never thought I would write this. Our house.
Our love. Or maybe mostly my (and my husband’s) love.

This would be our third year. If. But we have decided to sell.
I know that the kids will be older, and maybe they would appreciate it in the future. But the thing is the location is a bit in the wrong direction for us. That is the two. Reasons.

My family (mother, father, siblings) are living in the north of Sweden. My husband’s family are living in the south. Our house is located somewhere in the middle. Småland. How I love Småland. Literal ‘small land’. The land of the thousands lakes.

This is where we have spent the last years of summers.

It is a bit odd post this. Because the decision is kind of taken. But on the other hand we are eager to that the house gets good new owners. Want to tell a bit more about this amazing place. Tomorrow.

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Dollhouse like

I recon that it is the dollhouse feeling in these photos that speaks to me. Such great shades of brown. Love the wall papers, the Virrvarr table, the lamp and the washing mashine in the corner. Even the curtains looks like something from a 70′s Lundby.

This house, for sale here. Two more dollhouse-like ones here and here.

The Polish kids brand Miszkomaszko has a sweet new children’s collection out.

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Currently for sale

For sale at Lauritz: Two-seats tricycle. Gorgeous.

For sale at Blocket: “Kindergarten dollhouse“. Playable from several directions, and it has wheels.

Gingerbread dollhouse (not for sale).
Currently for sale for grandpa.

This is a pre-programmed post. I’m on my way to Vietnam. Hopefully I’ll be able to say hi to you from there soon.

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