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What would you like to be in the book?

You who follow at Instagram might know that I am working with a fun project right now. A Fine Little Day book, together with the publisher Natur & Kultur and my colleague Klara Bothén. It will contain things from the years with Fine Little Day, peeps from the studio, our summer house, some recycling DIY and random things that I like and have around me.

In the first stage the book will be published in Swedish, hopefully in English as well further on. If you are a frequent visitor of Fine Little Day you might remember any particular posts or topics that you think should be in the book.  If so, or if you have wishes – please feel free to tell.

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News from House of Rym 2

I just love Anna Backlund‘s new pattern Heavenly honeycomb, in this post as a blanket. I love all of Anna’s textile patterns for House of Rym but this must be my favorite so far. It will be available in several color settings and also as Ottomans (must have!).

The big tea cup above and the dining plate below is two brand new models for House of Rym’s porcelain collection. The blue pattern Arbour Harbour (still available in yellow) will be my design.

Below, another new porcelain pattern by me named Spot me. Made this one about two years ago, had almost forgot about it. The wonderful names in House of Rym’s collections are named by the excellent copy Maria Melkersson.

Stay tuned for more!

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News + Fine Little Day giveaway*

You who follow Fine Little Day at Instagram has already seen them – the new pillow cases. Gran in colors + the new pattern Barr.

Green, grey, brown, blue, black and yellow. Which color do you prefer? And what about Barr? Please tell me what you think and participate in a give away at the same time. What you can win? Your favorite pillow case of course. Two winners. Announced Wednesday 22 May. Leave you comment in this post. Thanks.

See the news here.

UPDATE, winners:
Thank you so much for your opinions and comments folks! Very helpful. The giveaway has two winners: Rebecca and Wsake, congrats to you ladies :)

I want to take the opportunity to offer you who still are interested in a GRAN or BARR pillow case –  a discount for a buy. This code: Fine15 will give you 15 % off the price, and will be running a week from today (until 29 May, 2013).

Thanks again for participating.

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Tjolöhom + work

My mini exhibiton at Tjolöholm Slott, Storstugan is up.

Tack igen Maria Kultala.

The Tjolöholm castle estate dates back to the 13th century. “Both the interior and exterior of the castle are very detailed, and display a high level of quality handicraft.The Elizabethan façade has hints of Art Nouveau style, and the flowing lines and stylised flower and plant themes reoccur throughout the whole castle.” Take a tour in some of the castl’es rooms here. My work is located in Storstugan, the former Village Hall.

Guess I have to take a look at Melancholia finally, which is recorded here at the castle.

Cactus Pincushion Crochet Pattern

Now – thinking of buying a Macrame hanger, vegetable garden markers and a new Pilea, the one I had didin’t make it :(

Happy Sunday.

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Transformation of a bureau

It was white. Not any more. Big, black ants in acrylic paint took over. And a chain sawn tree mushroom. The bureau and the trees moves to Tjolöholm tomorrow. The alarm clock will ring early.

Acrylic paint, what a good companion. Adheres to all kind of surfaces.

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Live from a studio in Gothenburg

Action painting with forest theme. Today with good help from Maria Kultala. For my (mini) exhibiton at Tjolöholm Slott, starting this weekend.

Mexican textile folk art craft.
Even more at Casa Otomi.

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Commedia dell’arte

From one continent to another. Back in Sweden again. It was a long trip. Even if I can’t wait to go back Sri Lanka again, it’s nice to be home. And back to work. Look what has arrived, a first sample of my new rug for House of Rym. A handmade, 100% Halfa (natural vegetable fibre). The rug will come in a couple of different sizes. And it will be called Commedia dell’arte.

There will be other nice House of Rym news in the shop as well. Lovely new foutas by Anna for example, more olive wood and reused Kelim-textile items. Will show you more further on!

Interor photos by Sara Gust.

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Lion, Bu!

A quick post to show you my Sun-Lion for Little Red Stuga‘s Bu! blankie. Take a look at Lisa Grue’s and Will Broome‘s as well, here.

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Thursday & blankies

Wore the lace I bought the other day. And Otto’s Mountains arrived. Was out photographing. And met a friend.

Last year I made an Indian for Little Red Stuga‘s Bu blankie. This autumn Little Red Stuga adds three new motifs to the Bu! blankie. Lisa Grue’s and Will Broome‘s illustrations joins in the new Bu! family as well. And a lion, by me.

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Slacker and Rym at Formex

God morning. Yes we sleep loong in the mornings, when we can. Today we could. A night person I am. The kids too, it seems like. Actually I’ve always thought that society oppresses us night people with their day times. I feel discriminated sometimes. All the early meetings, dental appointments and opening hours. I feel so much better when I get to follow my own clock. One might think that I’m a slacker. But that’s ok.

Don’t miss House of Rym if you’re going to Formex! My colleague Anna will be there and our Tunisian friends Rym and Zied. And some of the other clever girls that are working with the brand. I will not be there. But my cup will. In stand: AG:17

Hello new followers at Instagram :)

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