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Short from Zanzibar

Just wanted to share some pics from our trip to Zanzibar, which is a series of islands on the Indian Ocean, an archipelago not a single island, outside Tanzania. Very paradise-ish. We stayed at the Z Hotel.

Wallpaper below from House of Hackney.

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To travel

We are still in L.A. but it’s time for us to pack our things and head back to reality. We have traveled rather a lot with the kids during the years but Los Angeles is the first place Otto, our son “really enjoyed” and even is willing to come back to. The daughter on the other hand, appreciates wherever we go and eagerly hop back on the travel wish-list circuit even before the aroma of fresh travel memories and new impressions begins to fade.

Me my self is a real homebody and would actually (even if I do enjoy traveling as well) choose to stay home before visit any destination. And if I had lived here I would probably have not traveled abroad at all.

Why more Americans don’t travel abroad.

The dress I’ve lived in during this trip.


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Dog Town Coffee / Santa Monica, CA

We have not been here for a long time, still we have found a favorite breakfast hang. Dog Town Coffee. Since I will have a hard time manage without their Avodate Smoothie when back in Gothenburg again, I have browsed the web for a recipe. Found one with what looks like consisting similar ingredients here. Avocado, dates, almonds, honey, milk..

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The Mart Collective

What a nice acquaintance The Mart Collective in Venice, Los Angeles. 16,000 sq.ft. antiques, vintage, art, and various eclectic objects.

“Strolling the aisles at The Mart you’ll find everything from antique and mid-century modern furniture to statement costume jewelry, from iconic designer goods to decorating basics. The Mart is filled with collectibles, books, art, cultural artifacts (like typewriters and rotary phones), oddities, curiosities and so much more. ”

Browsed through this amazing booklet with lithographs by Alexander Calder, and cried a bit over the price $450


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China Town

Visited Los Angeles China Town for a couple of hours. Walked in tourist trap alleys, drank Boba milk tea, saw the poor baby turtles, wore comfortable shoes.


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Melrose Trading Post

Every Sunday in the parking lot at Fairfax High School, Los Angeles a flea market is held Melrose Trading Post. Crafts, clothes, jewelry and furniture. We visited yesterday.

No matter how well I plan which shoes I should bring to a trip I always get blisters and chafing. After mile-long walkings the days before my feets pounded with pain on the flea stroll. Luckily I found a pair of shoes that felt better than the ones I was wearing at the moment. Burgundy colored, never worn, leather shoes for $21. Good find.

This lamp! Too unwieldy to bring home in a suitcase, however.


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General Store in Venice

The most inspiring place so far in L.A. General Store.

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Wish I could bring them all home

A quick hello to say that we are in California, L.A. Awesome place, and everywhere these amazing plants!

How to transplant cacti and succulents.

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Reused plastic bag mats, I want to make them too

Went up north to visit my grandmother. Even if she will be 90 years old any minute now, this house is still filled with craft projects. As long as I can remember her hands has been occupied with brushes, textiles and those re-used plastic bags she used as material to mats. She crocheting them in different sizes, all perfect.

How to Prepare Plastic Bags for Knitting or Crochet.

If you are not familiar with them and looking for inspirational weavings, textiles and housewares New Friends.

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Wild style weaving

The respect and admiration you feel towards someone who literally built a house with his/her hands.

A couple of days ago we took a boat out to a little island to meet a family and a lady who makes cinnamon oils, spices and and practicing the ancient craft of weaving palm leaves. She was generous enough to show us how to braid palm leaves. The palm as weaving material is just great. Beautiful and firm. Even for clumsy hands like mine.

Accordning to the lady a palm leaf huts is really durable. Water-resistant at the same time as it allows ventilation and air circulation.

Palm leaf art at Flickr.

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