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Blanket on the wish list

I love this new blanket by Henrike Schoen for Studio Oink. Also take a look at OBJEKT.01 Rike’s mobile/sculpture in the shop.

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Flower wallpapers from Photowall

Such nice news. Photowall has collaborate with designer Lotta Olsson which has resulted in the collection Blossom trees.

Find a bunch of Lotta’s lovely tree posters in the shop.

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News from Roiivar



Roiivar creative studio is a small design firm in Gothenburg, Sweden, dedicated to “retaining the importance of creative and sustainable solutions in product development”. Its main focus on furniture prototyping and small production series. I’m so glad to hear that things went really well for them at Milan Design Week 2014, they got a lot of well deserved attention for their new chair and table. I also like the new logo, congrats guys!

Mechanical Wood Trestle. One automatically finds the specific shapes of folding-mechanisms bound to certain types of materials, mostly metals and plastics. This can be explained by as a material reference point, the minds simultaneous involuntary enabling and disabling of earlier references. The clashing of the firstly perceived material and shape with the actual material used, in this case birch, results in an eye catching yet subtle table trestle.

The SR chair does not have the joints of your everyday chair. Each corner of the chair is squared up from top to bottom with 45 degree angles, resulting in a construction that is strong enough to allow both a slim and light-weight design. All outer angels are 90 degrees.

Photo and logo by Pale Grain.

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Broken table + pallet = rocking chair

This kind of re-design. Stumbled on the work of Gothenburg based furniture designer Emil Roiivar the other day. Actually his studio is based in the same house where I live. Hope to be able to show you more of his work further on!

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Polkka Jam for House

I like Finnish Polka Jam‘s limited edition collection for House.


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For sale this very moment

You know the amazing chairs I wrote about a couple of days ago, similar ones are to be find for sale at Bukowskis this very moment and for about 19 hours ahead (thanks for the tip Aja). Turned out that they are theatre chairs from Malmö Stadsteaters lilla scen, Intiman designed by David Helldén.


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News from House of Rym

Wanted to show you a first peep of House of Rym’s new spring/summer collection for 2014. As you might know Anna Backlund and I has been House of Rym’s main designers since the company started 2011. It has been a fun and giving journey which is still not finished. For the 2014 collection House of Rym has brought in an additional designer to the crew – my colleague and friend Cecilia Pettersson! Yes the same Cecilia who made Fine Little Day Shop‘s poster The forest (also available as wallpaper) and the candy colored Polka pillow cases and kitchen towels. Cecilia has made a bunch of things for the new collection, posters, porcelain and textile. See more at the House of Rym site.

Above, poster by Cecilia Pettersson Welcome to Shroomville. Below teaset by the same, Hypnotique wheat. And cup Shroomville + Anna Backlund’s Sprinkle Sprinkle saucer.

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Contemporary furniture for children – Nuun Kids Design

Nuun Kids Design is an innovative, young Spanish design company based in Girona. I love the idea of a good looking multi-functionality furniture that grows with the child. Nuun Kids Design have several great birch wood variations at their site. Take a look at their Youtube videos for even more ideas.

Nuun for twins.

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Simon Key Bertman

Simon Key Bertman is a textile artist and designer, based in Stockholm, Sweden with clients like Grythyttan and Svenkt Tenn.

Below the rug “Tennis” (Nadal vs Djokovic Wimbeldon 2011 final game). More racquet-sport-inspired rugs here.

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News from Laura Spring

Laura Spring has a new, nice website. I am still in love with the duffel bag, but the range has increased with a lot of other goodies as well, like laptop covers and iPad sleeves. Take a look here.

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