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Mora Armatur / Dalarna

Just landed in Gothenburg after a trip up north visiting my parents and joining this nice and quite unreal event #livetruntkranenevent invited by Mora Armatur, Catarina and Nanna. Wow Dalarna ♥

Cheese, wine and spa. I can get used to this.

Evening dinner, with lingonberry water and pine cone ice-cream for desert.

Mora Armatur’s nice people + the blog ladies Sofia, ElinNathalie & Matilda, Linda, Hanna, Nanna, me and Catarina.

Frykås, filled with “fäbodar” (traditional old log cabins) and an amazing view over Orsasjön, Siljan and the mountains.

So, day 2 we got not only a private tour to the famous Zorn house (more about that coming up), but also glimpse in Mora Armatur‘s making of faucets, which they have been doing since 1927. This old, hands on, genuine and ultra modern factory at the same time, is a pumping heart of Mora. In the workshop we had after the tour we got a closer look of the designed steel giving water around the clock to families around Sweden and some parts in the rest of the world. Yep, from now on I will look with other eyes on the water faucets I meet.

Fell in love with the series Mora One designed by architect Thomas Sandell.

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IKEA + 10-gruppen

Wohoo I’m booking a trip to Ikea 5 may, 2017 when the collaboration between Ikea and Swedish classic design team 10-gruppen are releasing their collection AVSIKTLIG.

- I’ve wanted to create a “classic” 10-group collection, where you can find patterns to recognize and get new favorites, says Tom Hedqvist, Creative Director for the collection, and a founder of 10-gruppen AVSIKTLIG collection includes four classic 10-gruppen and new designs by five of 10-gruppen‘s original members. Tom Hedqvist has also invited the three young designers IKEA Iina Vuorivirta, Ida Pettersson and Hanna Dalrot and two external designers Kristina Abelli Elanders and Anders Wenngren to join in. The result is a playful collection that reflects the design collective’s long and checkered history – but which is also very contemporary.

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Marimekko eyewear collection

Launches in 2015.

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Maria Sandberg textiles

I like designer Maria Sandberg‘s textile collection “PANGAEA” which aims to highlight important regions around the world with endangered wildlife and invaluable nature. The collection consist of knitted plaids and babyplaids, cushions and towels, locally produced in Sweden. Some of the sales of products with pattern Arctica-Antarctica goes to WWF Arctic Program and their work with climate change. See more at Maria Sandberg.

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Only two rolls of wallpapers was left in the store of which Albert Sjöstam made for Borås Eco Tapeter a couple of years ago. Actually the monkeys was a part of his thesis at HDK 2006. I’m not sure where to put them yet, I’m just glad to have them.

Albert’s wallpaper for Photowall.

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Ceramic feathers

Look what we have got! Amazing, handmade ceramic wall decorations in the shape of feathers by designer Sofia Nohlin. Same Sofia who make these gorgeous pieces. Take a closer look in the shop!

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LilahV Giveaway

Starting today and a week ahead you will have the chance to win a store credit $50 US in this nice jewelry shop LilahV! Take the chance by leaving a comment in this post.

Amanda, the designer and owner of LilahV grew up in California getting to pursue her first love working on feature films. She has been all over the world working on movies such as “Speedracer,” “Contraband,” “Matrix,” “Harry Potter” and “Troy.” When Amanda’s beloved grandmother passed away Amanda inherited all her jewelry most of which was broken. That’s when she started learning fine jewelry making. How lucky for us, just look at these beautiful pieces.

The giveaway will be open to August 27. The winner will be able to choose their own jewelry (not including postage). Thanks for playing and good luck!

Here, some of my LilahV favorites:
Tiny ElephantUnicorn, Tiny Skull Studs and the Sail Boat necklace.

UPDATE Contgrats to you Louise, you won the LilahV giveaway, lucky you :) Thank you all of you who participated in the giveaway, and thank you LilahV for running it!

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House of Rym’s store in Stockholm

If you are in, or plan to visit Stockholm in the nearest future you should stop by the brand new House of Rym store! The shop is located on Hornsgatan 73 and is runned by the eminent Piia aka frkgul.

Exquisite lemon lemonade and crusts were served at the press event a couple of days ago, and the host Isabelle Mcallister talked to the whole gang of House of Rym designers: Anna Backlund, Cecilia Pettersson, Emma von Brömssen (new talante for this year), Karin Strömberg (coming next year) and me.

As you can see the store carries a range of Fine Little Day products as well, which we are very glad for!


New for this season, tiles.


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GRAN in meters + Mimmi Staaf

I’m in love with Mimmi Staaf, and every thing she lays her hands on. Look at the amazing TE-VE chair (designed by Alf Svensson, Ljungs Industrier 1953) wich Mimmi dressed in our GRAN textile! We were so proud and happy to show it at our stand at Formex. This fall you will finally be able to buy GRAN in meters in the shop.

Mimmi Staaf is not only an excellent upholsterer but also the owner of the great shop Mimmi’s Möbelmakeri wich you can find in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. Peep into her home and shop at her Instagram and in this interview. Together with Betonggruvan, Mimmi is also holding workshops in macramé in her shop, next one is starting 2 September 2014. More info here.

I always get kind of overwhelmed when visiting Formex. For better or worse. The greatest benefit was probably the dinner and night at the hotel with friends.

But of course it’s alway fun and giving to show things you’ve been working on. Other news this fall: Wool mittens, hats and GRAN as bedding.


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Formex 2014

Formex the interior design and gifts fair in Stockholm Sweden is over for this year. Fine Little Day and Little Red Stuga exhibited for the first time together as a common company. Peeps from that in a coming post. Here is some of what caught my eyes from other exhibitors.

Above, the creative duo Maria Broberg and Sofia Bengtson from Rio Rio continues to create stylish textiles.


Amazing rugs from VARG designkollektiv.


I liked these aluminum coffee pots in retro style. Unfortuntely I can not tell you the name of the company who makes them since I forgot their name. Sorry for that. If YOU know, please tell.

UPDATE: Above items are from Månses Design.


Klippan’s blankets.


Glass from Skruf.

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