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Julia is a sweetheart

Gotta show this magical present from Julia. A thrift find jar with coconut soap and face scrub. Don’t know how she made it but here‘s a way.

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Blue and white Christmas gestures

Had to snatch some pics on the Christmas table.

The Gustavsberg’s Christmas plates. Usually you find them cheap on fleas or on Auction sites. Popular on Japanes sites like this as well. The ceramic checkered jug is made by Marianne Hallberg.

Don’t know the origin, brand name or anything about the above plate, do you?

Above Christmas plate by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg (1916-1982).

Sven Jonsson’s christmas plates for Gustavsberg 1971-1976.

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Amazing children’s book from 1945

Drömlandet by Mollie Faustman must be the most precious children’s book I’ve found out there. Just look at the illustrations!


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2011/01/10 The bead basket collection

Mom has been visiting = the bead basket collection has grown.

I hurt I am in fashion.

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2011/01/04 Nils Holgersson

Selma Lagerlöf´s Nils Holgersson. In wood, in textile, in porcelain, in this book.

Boxwood Garland, by Carrie Strine.

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Flea find, signed “Otto M. Müller”.

Wish I could be there – Origin, September 23 to 29, London,
Claire Loder will be there.

So nice, studio makkink & bey: washhouse, thanks for the tip un soñador!

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Best flea market find so far this year.

Anaick Moriceau updated her site.
New stuff from Albert Sjöstam as well.

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Saw on our flea market road trip.
Have been to this nice one before.


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Weekend find.

I wish this camera to be my next one.


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The unpacking goes slow. Too many flea finds to look into.

Illustrative art festival, Berlin 2009.


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