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Collections – socks

No this family don’t need to go with cold feets. For over a decade we have been blessed with an older lady’s passion for knitting, and another lady’s passion for buying them high end socks and giving them to us. Thank you mum!

Some good with wool.

- durable and last long
- does not need to be washed frequently
- does not absorb moisture, therefor more resistant to dirt and bad smell – dryes faster than for example cotton
- breathable and regulates the temperature

+ warm and fun to play with.

A Man’s Guide to Socks.

And our knitted mountain Kebnekaise.

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Hama beads basket by Sarah-Jane

I’m so glad that I after this post have received a couple of mails from readers gifted with the ability to make the amazing hama bead baskets. The beautiful baskets in this post is made by Scottish Sarah-Jane.

And you can buy the treasures, over at Hejsan Goods.

Photos by Kimberley Brand.


Kind of funny: Ikea at last cracks China market, but success has meant adapting to local ways. And here.

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Collections – braided baskets

Monday comes with a bedroom collection – braided baskets. Can’t pass them at fleas, can’t get enough of them. Handy and beautiful.

And look at the birch bark ones we have in the shop.

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Collections – Hama beads baskets

The hama beads baskets. An ever-growing collection at home in the apartment, and here in the country house. These little treasures are often very cheap at the fleas, a couple of times I even got them for free. Pure art, especially together. A bit rude in the same breath, but they goes well with the one and only quilt I ever made also.

Even if I still stumble on the baskets here and there, they seem to have become much more rare nowdays. “People” should take up this nice bead tradition and start making them again, so I can buy some more ;) Here, a hint to how you do them.

Just wanted to show you the weird and funny doors we have in this room. Look how strange the heights are. Consider that the roof slopes upward, therefore the outer door should be the shortest, not the middle one. Wonder if it was a practical decision, whether the timber ran out or if it was some kind of an aesthetic standpoint.

Some of us slept through this weekend, while others hopefully went out into the woods. But no, no chanterelles this time either.

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Collections – yellow vases

Ok, yellow and brownish vases. I carry them home whenever I find a characteristic and beautiful one. Gathered in a group they look an installation really. Ha the sound of it, stiff ;) Would never have worked a couple of years ago, but the cats leave them alone. We have a gang here and another gang there.

This post makes me feel like one of them black-and-white-home bloggers. It’s ok.

More yellow and brownish beauty:

Anna Kåks
Axel Salto
Peter Voulkos

The Forest wallpaper is made by Cecilia Pettersson.

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Collections – beddings

I’m not alone. The urge to collect must be one of the world’s most widespread pastimes. Collecting is fun. For me, some kind of escapism and even contemplative too. The identity part matter as well and it’s also way to connect and feel community of course.

“Some people think the urge to collect may be related to man’s origin as a hunter-gatherer. Others have looked for Freudian explanations: compensation for a loveless childhood, or an attempt to impose order on a chaotic world.” Article in the Economist, To have and to hold.

When I think abot it I realize that I “collect” many things. Rarely but sometimes I can line them collections up, look and get some kind of emotional kick of it. Luckily I have recurring bouts of cleaning mania though so, so far I’ve never come close a pathological collecting behavior, yet. That documentary series Hoarders..

The bedding textiles collection has recently been looked through. And a bunch of them sent to recycling. But as you can see I just can’t get rid of the childish ones, can’t pass them at fleas either. Even if the youngest one in this house hold is a teenager. Well that’s how it is.

(Middle pic, my own pattern. Something I did when I studied at HDK).

Coming up, more collections ;)

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From the woods in Småland I am sharing red or/and pink with you today. That “Mökki” textile below is a kitchen towel made by the eminent Hanna Konola.

You can see it as a whole, and buy it here.

Happy to see that my former classmate Albert Sjöstam has made a great collection of wallpapers for Photowall.

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Yellow materialism

The textiles in this house. Random pieces from here and there. Going through them. Checking them out. Some of them will leave the drawers and hopefully end up more in the spotlight, in another home.

The top plate is one part of a set (the other part is a pot) I recently got from a very kind lady, my mother. “Gustavsberg 1921″ says the text on the backside.

Not much more to say about the yellow textiles except that they are all vintage finds. And, that the abundance becomes apparent when I look in our drawers. Obviously, I am a materialist with great proportions. Disturbing when I think about it. Then I go in to the bubble again. More colors in coming posts.

Hipstern hittar aldrig hem (Swedish article).

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Blue collection

I like them blue. Here too.

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I have dolls

Some of them are more than others – favorites. I like them a little bit “edgy”. The ones with weird staring eyes, crooked smiles, pom poms on their shoes or other nice details in the outfits have a greater chance than just “cute” ones, to follow me home from the fleas where I usually find them.

This one is a good example. Cute all right. But the expression in the face gives you more than that. It’s a clever look, a bit sarcastic and shy at the same time. A little suffering in a way, and quite weird. And look at the clothes, just perfect. Eskimos forever.

This is what they look like laying next to each other, in a row. Piled as for an exhibition. Look at the short one with yellow pants, his name is Totte.

Le Train Fantome makes cute, cool ones – dolls.

Speaking of dolls. BIG Kids Magazine the contemporary arts publication for children with a senior editor who is eight years old. What a good Christmas present.

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