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Traveling back and forth between the city and the country side

Preparing for summer guests, working with the book and the ordinary Fine Little Day work. Things are nice.

Found the perfect summer dress as well. Kind of fluffy romantic, airy, not too tight and summery.

Speaking of romantic. Our designer Marta (Marta’s Clover & Marta’s Summer) has a blog!

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Back in Småland

Yes so nice! Sunny but oh so crispy. Actually it was real chilly when you come from a warm  apartment in town. The house would need weeks of fire in the fireplace and sunny days to get some kind of a uniform, pleasant temperature this time of the year. After Easter eggs, cleaning was on the top of the schedule. I tell you this place smell soap now. Every little space is scrubbed and dusted. Moreover, the food and the wine tasted great, the cats chased flies and the kids worked with the garden. Well you hear, we are talking about close to idyllic scenes here. Hope you had a good one too.

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Snowflakes, all year round

As you might saw at Instagram if you’re follower, we will have snowflakes waiting for us in the windows when we get back, in spring.

More here and here. How to Make Paper Snowflakes, You tube.

This was a while ago, fun to see it in print finally. Home Swede home.

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Ok then, this place is now closed for the winter. It’s always a bit sentimental when we leave. And when we leave this time of the year, even more. Can not help but think about how it would feel to live here all year round. It would be cold that’s for sure ha. Nothing near central heating here. We have the tile stoves, and the AGA in the kitchen. It’s kind of a barren feeling all over the place actually, even if we saw a bumblebee yesterday.

Spontaneous reflection on this year:

Rut moved in.
The playhouse got a new wallpaper.
I got many good tips.
We got married.
gathered textiles by colors for a quilt (not ready yet).
We decided to keep the house, after all.

The stoves, our lifesavers.

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Chanterelles and rowan-berries

This weekend we are back in the country house to close it for the winter. Feels a bit awkward since it is still green and moments of sun pops up here and there. The cold is here though, and the leaves swirling in the wind.

Thanks for the friendly reception of our children’s wear line. Some of it almost sold out already (!). We are now working hard to keep up with all deadlines for the spring (not use to this kind of foresight) Back to that on Monday though ;)


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Collections – Hama beads baskets

The hama beads baskets. An ever-growing collection at home in the apartment, and here in the country house. These little treasures are often very cheap at the fleas, a couple of times I even got them for free. Pure art, especially together. A bit rude in the same breath, but they goes well with the one and only quilt I ever made also.

Even if I still stumble on the baskets here and there, they seem to have become much more rare nowdays. “People” should take up this nice bead tradition and start making them again, so I can buy some more ;) Here, a hint to how you do them.

Just wanted to show you the weird and funny doors we have in this room. Look how strange the heights are. Consider that the roof slopes upward, therefore the outer door should be the shortest, not the middle one. Wonder if it was a practical decision, whether the timber ran out or if it was some kind of an aesthetic standpoint.

Some of us slept through this weekend, while others hopefully went out into the woods. But no, no chanterelles this time either.

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Becoming a moss maniac out there

Amazing is it not, the moss.

These moss mats also. And the moss tray.

Illustrated children’s books.

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Yes we are still here, in Småland. Enjoying the last days of vacation (for some) and the last days of summer (hope not).

Brought down the flower press from the attic. How to press your own flowers.
Garden party wallpaper
by Hanna Wendelbo Hansson.

These clothes Ace & Jig.

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From the woods in Småland I am sharing red or/and pink with you today. That “Mökki” textile below is a kitchen towel made by the eminent Hanna Konola.

You can see it as a whole, and buy it here.

Happy to see that my former classmate Albert Sjöstam has made a great collection of wallpapers for Photowall.

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Yellow materialism

The textiles in this house. Random pieces from here and there. Going through them. Checking them out. Some of them will leave the drawers and hopefully end up more in the spotlight, in another home.

The top plate is one part of a set (the other part is a pot) I recently got from a very kind lady, my mother. “Gustavsberg 1921″ says the text on the backside.

Not much more to say about the yellow textiles except that they are all vintage finds. And, that the abundance becomes apparent when I look in our drawers. Obviously, I am a materialist with great proportions. Disturbing when I think about it. Then I go in to the bubble again. More colors in coming posts.

Hipstern hittar aldrig hem (Swedish article).

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