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Last days in Småland for this season

Golden, colorful. Love this time of the year AND my scarf from Géraldine Bertrand.

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Snaps, waffles and pathces

Three simple dress models I imagine I would love to wear 1, 2, 3.

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Since last time

We adopted Siri.

We went to the toy museum in Bodafors.

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Rainy and chilly pretty much all month. The kids seem not to mind though.

The handsome but aggressive Lupine, to be found everywhere.

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The rain poured down more or less all weekend

So we could forget about mowing. Guess that we’ll have to invest in a sharp sickle or something to get the green in a reasonable height this summer. Anyway except for not mowing we manage to fix the hole in the old barn roof by cover it with a tarpaulin. Not a professional mending, I know but it seems to work. At least for now.

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We took a trip to Småland

Luckily the house was still standing and everything looked about the same as for 6 months ago.


Have I told you that Fine Little Day book will be translated to Korean, English and Japanese this year. Yay!

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This time of the year, and creatures

The Gran bedding. So glad you liked it! Will be in stock again in December.


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Two and a half hours and we are there



Below, best flea find so far this fall.

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So what would you do if you won the big one?

If you woke up one day a whole lot richer after hitting a mega jackpot? I believe I would continue something like this + Run around and shoot seemingly nonsensical scenarios


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