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T y p i c a l

Swedish summer. But who cares.

This dollhouse, would fit me perfect.

Tv-series tips anyone? We have seen:
House of Cards
Braking Bad
Sons of Anarchy
Mad Men
The Wire
Six feet under

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Swedish Midsummer and daughter leaving for USA

The longest day of the year, Midsummer. Herring, potatoes, chives, pie, strawberries and cream, a cold lake, beer and schnapps, sun and rain.. Sweden – as Swedish as it can be.



And she. Ungen min. Dearest daughter is leaving for California for a couple of weeks. Follow her blog here.

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Lush green, Kinfolk and gathering

This time of the year. The flowers, the soft air, mom and my young niece. Best time of the year. Summer.


And on top of above scenery, a new issue of Kinfolk Magazine. The appealing Kinfolk spirit “simple ways to spend time together” seems more relevant than ever. At least if you listen to trend oracles like Li Edelkoort (does anyone?). ” Trend Union’s new season for summer 2015 is called GATHERING“. Trendy or not that’s how we want to do it, spend time together.

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Summer sweets

The summer fleas are opening. You see them all over on the country side – the flea store signs “Loppis”. Every year there are more of them. In old barns, gymnastics halls, private basements, garages.. People want to get rid of things. And then there are people who just can’t get enough. Hoarders.  Gosh I’m not one of them, am I? Don’t act compulsive anyway. At least I don’t think so.

This flea, Ullas loppis in Järbo is a favorite. More of my finds here.

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A tipi, and Klara

The mini gathering we had today me and Klara. Shooting for the shop. Cold coffee, a few mosquitos and fresh spurce buds. Gosh they taste good, a little bit like sorrel.


Klara brought a bag with cones, I brought a dotty swimsuit, for Klara. I rarely swim in cold Swedish lakes. The tipi was actually nice to sit in.


The rug is called Commedia dell’Arte.

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Dollhouse like

I recon that it is the dollhouse feeling in these photos that speaks to me. Such great shades of brown. Love the wall papers, the Virrvarr table, the lamp and the washing mashine in the corner. Even the curtains looks like something from a 70′s Lundby.

This house, for sale here. Two more dollhouse-like ones here and here.

The Polish kids brand Miszkomaszko has a sweet new children’s collection out.

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Swedish summer

Sweden is magical this time of the year. Just can’t get enough. None of us. More here.

Before and after. Small home redo over at Design Sponge. Happy to see Mr Pirum and my yellow guy Apple Papple here and there.

Sandals I need.

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Summer came

You don’t want to work days like this. But there is summer in the evenings too.

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2010/11/25 Old swedish crafting books

Beautiful books, all from Slöjdmagasinet. I’ve blogged about good looking books from Slöjdmagasinet before, here.

More from Lisbeth’s home and atelier, friday or/and saturday.

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Oh summer

Too bad I am a coward, dare not swim. Too cold water.
Hard to belive that Tovalisa is my daughter, she swim no matter what.

Congratulations Stephanie, you won sponsor Débora Figueiredo’s giveaway.
Thank you all of you who comment, and thanks to you Débora!

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