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Digital treasures 2

When I look in the Hemslöjdens digital archive I look for things wobbly, decorative and worn. Traces of time and hands. Expressions that catches my eye and makes ideas and thoughts pop up. This is such nice source to dig in to. Some of my personal favorites is to be found here.

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Digital treasures!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Hemslöjden Skåne in Landskrona, Sweden to visit their digital archive at The visit was kind of overwhelming and I got an uplifting visual vitamin shock that will last many months ahead. For those interested in inspiring textiles, photographs and various, antique folkart artifacts you’ll find a generous and digital archive at The textiles above and under are collected from Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening archives, whom have a rich textile tradition.

I will in this, and the coming posts show you a bunch of eye candy which I got a look at, at the visit. I was also asked to gather some of my personal favorites in Skåne’s digital archive, which I’ve done here.

Here you’ll find all the folders from not only Skåne’s collections but all the Hemslöjden regions in Sweden.

During the 1900s, Swedish handicraft associations built up unique collections of objects. Since 1996, these items are cataloged and digitized to make the objects available. The collection includes examples of handicraft associations’ own production and traditional crafts. Baskets, gloves, wrought iron candle holders, wooden spoons, fabric samples, ceramic dishes and much more. The collections are an important part of the handicraft history. In Hemslöjdens collections are more than 45 000 objects registered. A selection of objects from the collections are now available in digital museum and we are constantly working to more items will become available on the digital museum. Hemslöjden’s collections is a collaboration between the Swedish Handicraft Unions’ Association and its member associations and the council for handicraft council and handicraft engines.



Speaking of craft here is an interview with me at Pavilion Craft.


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The Hidden Adventure / Macramé / Birch bark

What do macramé and a birch bark basket has in common? Well they are both braided, kind of.

Yesterday Maria Bergström from The Hidden Adventure visited and tempted us to take some time learning the art of using knotting rather than braiding maybe. Anyway I thought I’d show you our new birch baskets together with some pics with Maria in macramé action. The skillful one is also the maker of these wonderful mobiles.

Tips: Check out “The art of Swedish coffee break, with recipes for pastries, breads and other treats”. The book Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffe Break by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall.

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Hama bead baskets + blue and whites

A couple of years ago Scottish Sarah-Jane from Hejsan Goods visited Sweden and found a couple of old Hama bead baskets in an antiques fair. In early 2013 she started to maker her own plastic bead baskets based on the original Swedish bead baskets from the 1970′s. Since then she has been sent baskets to Japan, New Zealand and the US, as well as all over Europe. And last year, Sarah-Jane won the Mollie Makes Start-Up Business Award for her great work.

The blue snow flower basket” from Hejsan Goods.

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This need to be shown

Above Alessandra Taccia‘s woven branch mobile. That lady, I love what ever she lay her hands on. More amazing yarn pieces here. Don’t miss the Boro style quilt, the woven paper and her Instagram!

Below, another one of my niece. Because the cuteness, and the Norwegian classical “Marius” knitting.

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Konsthantverkscentrum opens a webshop

Happy and good news! Konsthantverkscentrum (which is a Swedish crafts center and professional organization of artisans) will open their own webshop. Find bracelets above here.

Konsthantverkscentrum öppnar Sveriges mest unika nätbutik!
800 konsthantverkare, tusentals produkter, en butik och en utcheckningskassa: Det är snart verklighet när Konsthantverkcentrum lanserar nätbutik. Redan idag är 120 av stiftelsen Konsthantverkscentrums anslutna anmälda säljare och du kan från den 19 februari besöka och köpa unikt konsthantverk och småskaligt producerade designprodukter.

Konsthantverkscentrum har efter önskemål från sina anslutna tagit fram en avancerad nätbutik som innehåller flera hundra butiker, men med bara en kundkorg. Trots att det handlar om hundratals butiker, där varje konsthantverkare säljer och hanterar sina produkter, är upplevelsen och säkerheten som att handla från en stor etablerad nätbutik.

Resultatet är en unik nätbutik som dessutom säljer unika ting. En stor del av produkterna är så kallade ”unikat” som bara finns i ett enda exemplar. Konsthantverket håller hög kvalitet garanterad av Konsthantverkscentrum vars anslutna alla är yrkesutbildade eller invalda av en invalsjury.”

Från och med 19 februari ska nätbutiken vara igång på riktigt (även om den finns uppe redan nu).

Bracelets by Johanna Törnqvist.

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Örnbergsauktionen 2014

“Breaking New Modular System” by Uglycute.


“Puck” by Carina Seth Andersson.


“No Title” by Maria Kristofersson.


“Ordinary Pixel” by Anna Nordström.


“Nazca/Cocos” by Hilda Hellström.


“Ice Fake Marble” by Kakan Hermansson.

There is still time to bid (until 7 February). Örnbergsauktionen.

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Reused plastic bag mats, I want to make them too

Went up north to visit my grandmother. Even if she will be 90 years old any minute now, this house is still filled with craft projects. As long as I can remember her hands has been occupied with brushes, textiles and those re-used plastic bags she used as material to mats. She crocheting them in different sizes, all perfect.

How to Prepare Plastic Bags for Knitting or Crochet.

If you are not familiar with them and looking for inspirational weavings, textiles and housewares New Friends.

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Got myself an early Christmas present

I don’t see myself as the romantic type, but oh I just could not resist these sumptuous, girly, flower stamps. Kind of romantic aren’t they? Well, I just had to get one. And where did I get it? Find it at Sycamore Street Press. And a bunch of other nice custom made stamp variants. Like the one with arrows, the mountain, the cactus and the bear.

Below, flowery favorites.

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Hama beads basket by Sarah-Jane

I’m so glad that I after this post have received a couple of mails from readers gifted with the ability to make the amazing hama bead baskets. The beautiful baskets in this post is made by Scottish Sarah-Jane.

And you can buy the treasures, over at Hejsan Goods.

Photos by Kimberley Brand.


Kind of funny: Ikea at last cracks China market, but success has meant adapting to local ways. And here.

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