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Sometimes you get newsletter that inspire you more than others. I got one yesterday, from Milimbo. Milimbo is a studio/workshop based in Valencia, Spain. You might have seen their work over at Kickan & Conkers now and then. Take a look at their cardboard games and cardboard animals. Milimbo on Etsy. Milimbo’s blog

Paperchain interview no 2 over at Mrs Eliot Books – I interview Megumi Pedersen from

There is still a chance to win your own copy of Milk Decoration.

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Tape & stamps

Some people just have it all. The energy, the plants, the cute look and the gorgeous handwriting. Not to mention the taste. White ink on cardboard. Love.

Look how happy I am. I got this parcel today from bastisRIKE

My new favorite tape. Thank you Rike :)

You must take a look at her stamps as well, perfect presents.

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From Belgium. Smart, fun and very good looking design by Labt. Good Sunday!

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Inspiring DIY project

What a nice way to personalize a piece of old furniture. Great DIY project by Mirja at the blog Koulun lattia narisee.

Converse + Marimekko Spring 2012.

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Christmas market preparations

There was a lot of people working in the studio today. Mostly with Julform, the market. But me and Klara did a lot of packing too (thank you for all orders!). Gosh the Paumes books sold out quickly. But happily they will be back in stock again next week. Please send a mail if you would like to reserve a specific one.

As you might remember we started a Christmas market last year called Julform. The market was a great success and will of course be back this year as well. This weekend in fact. Even if I’m not “in charge of it” this time I will be involved as one of the exhibitors. If you are in Gothenburg friday–sunday you really should stop by Röhsska and visit the market.


JULFORM 2011, Wernstedthallen, Röhsska museet:
9 december 16–19
10 december 11–17
11 december 11–17

The market will be filled with high quality products made by established craftsmen and designers. Like these Christmas sprawling kitchen towels made by Cecilia or the velvet pillow below, made by the same.

Is it not amazing Cecilia‘s pillow (remember the drawing?) In black velvet. I’m drawling! As said Cecilia is a pattern queen. Look here. Leave a comment at Cecilia’s blog if you’re interested in buying one.

Klara‘s gorgeous mittens will be sold at the market as well. You hear, you just can’t miss this. Kom!

Another pattern queen, Katy Goutefangea.

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Can’t get enough of this brand

German Howitzweissbach, love everything about it.

The products, the styling, the photos.

Howitzweissbach,’s inspration book. And lookbook.

I like Lullatone’s music.


Littleoddforest’s giveaway.


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This house, associated with summer holidays, celebrations and family dinners. Is missing one person. Her name was Karin. She was an unusually clever, shrewd and humorous old woman. She lived for over 95 years, almost a century.

She didin’t live here, her son does. But she will be missed, by the house too.

A lamp, a Flemish tapestry. Karin’s.

The sun is shining today.

The museum of everything.
The shop of everything via Jane.

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Rat Rod Bikes

This site makes me in such a good mood - Rat Rod Bikes!


Oh and Olli Erkkilä’s bikes, especially his flashlight.

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Some peoples home.. just don’t want to leave. Maria and her boyfreind has a place like that. I’ve showed you peeps from there before. Hope to have time to do more visits, not just short ones, when things calm down. As you know, I do ejoy it.

Simly breakfast, always great photos and good food (At least I think so).
Tree bowl white, by mother, soft toy maker and sometimes illustrator and ceramicist,
Hazel Stark’s Tumblr.
Little Studio.

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Creativity, in the real sense

Works by Cilla Ramnek.

Imagne how many hours of work. The variety of materials, thumbtacks, fabric samples, paper strips, pot holders, crochets… quirky, all handmade and far from perfect, love.

Vitaminized. Thanks.


Karin, a postmodern granny square blanket. Found through Kyile.

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