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Emily Bratt

En annan slags trädgård

Mentally and visually stimulated by the bright personality of Emily Bratt, a magnificent archipelago, Dahlias, Iris, faded Sun flowers and a flock of animals I’m back in Gothenburg to write this post.

Emily Bratt sure is a another kind of garden designer and slow flower devotee who works as a consult in gardening and farmer-florist from her home in Tjörn. She walks, talks, write and make a podcast about gardening and try to challenge traditional garden standards and broaden the pictures of what a garden can be.

Animals are an important part of this eden. Here: Swedish Muscovy ducks and Bohuslän-Dals black hens. But there is also poodles, a variety of birds and snakes. And soon – the flock will be expanded with a couple of white peacocks.

Looking at the work and passion of a small-scale floral agriculture, and the result of many hours and hard work.

The slow flowers “movement” support the ‘grown not flown’ philosophy.

Pigeon peacocks.

Grown from the soil up, Calendulas.

Why be a pigeon when you can be a peacock?

Authentic, sustainable organic farming.

Soft mix of wild and planted.

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Caravanserai, Gävle/Sweden

Another remarkable experience during my trip to Gävle the other day, was the meeting with the skilled craftsmen and fashion haute couture tailors at the studio and trading house Caravanserai.

One of them has previously worked for Lebanese star designer Zuhair Murad who dressed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Another one worked as a tailor in Damascus in Syria before he came to Sweden. Here they are working not only with their own textile line and restoration of second hand furnitures, but also with prominent clients like Svenskt Tenn and Ida Sjöstedt among other things.

(A caravanserai was a roadside inn where travelers (caravaners) could rest and recover from the day’s trade routes journey.)

This place – filled with ethically sustainable organic textiles in premium quality + A lot of knowledge within production in sewing, masonry, painting and wallpaper. So inspiring, can we have this in Gothenburg please?!


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Swantje Hinrichsen

A couple of days ago me and Fine Little Day store colleague @peggylainen jumped on a plane to Germany to visit graphic designer and illustrator Swantje Hinrichsen aka @swantjeundfrieda, who lives in an old brick house in Münster. We were suppose to shoot a part of Fine Little Day store’s new catalogue there, and also do a little home tour.

I was planning to write something about Swantje’s education, career etc. in this post but I I’ll skip it, you can google that.

Just want to tell that I found a “refrigerator friend” in Swantje. A term originated (I believe) in the book “Bowling Alone“. That would be a friend who can walk right in the door, open up your refrigerator and look for something to eat, without thinking much about it.  The thing is we spent hours and hours at this place without realizing it, and also got our life’s most tastiest Avocado cake. The lady sure had a the gift of hospitality, this was a place where to feel free to be yourself. We had a good time, thanks again Swantje!

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Not only do they have a great looking logo. If I’ll ever visit The Netherlands. Good that there is a webshop as well, I love their range. TASKA.


Cards, Sanne van Winden. Posters here.

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Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx is a South African label founded and runned by the self-taught illustrator & designer Heather Moore. Heather started out as a drama- and English teacher but she never really got in to that. What a good thing for us! Heather started Skinny laMinx “as a bit of a hobby in 2006″ now you can find her work at retailers all over the world.

Skinny laMinx‘s design is plain and fresh, and the latest collection Rough Cuts is inspired by Scandinavian style. Don’t miss to check out all the goodies in the Etsy shop and the 2013/2014 Lookbook.

Everything connected to Heather and Skinny laMinx seems to be filled with pictorial glories and patterns galore like her Flickr, with peeps from Heather’s home as well. Also be sure to visit the Skinny LaMinx blog.

Entrepreneur Interview – Heather Moore – Skinny laMinx.

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Gran, here again

Just wanted to tell you that finally, the Gran pillow cases are back in stock again. Also I would like to thank you for blogging about our products here and there on the net – thank you! It’s incredibly fun and satisfying to see how the things are used in different contexts. These great photos are from talanted Norwegian An-Magritt from the blog with the same name. Yellow, white and black, as made for the new Rym porcelain collection.

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Would use them mixed something like this. Examples how the patterns look side by side.


They would probably look very tiny in our house though, the “Floor and wall tiles for every room in your dollhouse”.

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Stop motion paper circus by Anna Pfeiffer

Thank you, architect Anna Pfeiffer from Hase Weiss for making this uplifting paper circus stop motion video. Uploaded at YouTube a couple of days ago, here.

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Adriana Lozano’s hand painted clothes

Saturday night.
On the laptop – artist Adriana Lozano’s hand painted clothes.
Found through this great Tumblr

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Né-net clothes on the wish list

The Japanese brand Né-net’s 2013 Spring Summer collection launched today (will be available spring 2013). I want about everything in this collection. Impossible not to love designer Kazuaki Takashima‘s sense of style.

Did you know that dear Mogu made a collaboration with Né-net earlier this year. Her things sold out in just two days, so sorry you can’t buy anything from it. But take a peep here.

Fine Little Day is featured on Babyology.

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