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Thank you + interpretation by Mogu

Thanks a bunch for cheering the new Tomato poster! I’m truly amazed and happy for the support here on the blog and on Instagram, wow. And thanks for all orders that have popped in :)!

Yesterday we booked a trip to California (next summer)!, today I had the luck to meet up with one of Gothenburg’s most skillful designers (more in a coming blog post) and we even got some fresh flowers on the table. Life can be good.

Look at the cool interpretation by talented (the energy, the quality!) artist Mogu Takahashi of yesterday’s photo of me holding the framed tomato fellow here. The drawing portrayes our darling cats as well as and the stool above (painted by Mogu). Mogu is sharing her amazing daily doodles at this Instgram account, follow!

And Mogu’s wallpaper, love.
Top photo, Cecilia’s wallpaper, love 2.

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Wonderful handmade buttons

Look at the variations in these amazing buttons. All hand carved and hand painted by artist Sarah Fulton, Fulton & Co.


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Meet a crafting queen

I first met Susanna Lundgren aka Susi Lou when shooting this post. Susanna sure is a creative lady. Working with all sorts of creative things. Crafts, photography, music, sewing, graphic design.. Yesterday I met up with her at the nature reserve Delsjön to watch her in action. As you can see she is a master of needle felting as well.

- I just have to be creative all the time because that is what fills my everyday life and the meaning with my life. I’m doing so many different things that it’s hard to choose which way to go. The dircetion comes in phases though. At the moment I’m in a crafting- photography- and sewing period, the music and the touring life is on hold at the moment. My hands are my eyes, I just need to create constantly. I studied music and graphic design but the urge to work with three dimensional forms has always been appealing to me. I will never stop create. I constantly evolving, and I like it. There is nothing better than to create a picture in your head and then turn that image into reality.

- Needle felting is great because it’s almost like working with clay, only it is much more easy to control. You can continue shaping until you get what you want. The more you felt the wool, the harder packed the material will get. That part is what is difficult actually – to stop in time. Because if you work the material too much, it will become lifeless and dull. Wool is a living material. Even if you can keep up with a figure for hours and work with the details for ever there is a limit. You have to know when to quit.

- Needle felting is so much fun. It may look complicated but anyone can do it! Sometimes when I hold workshops I meet people who belive that they are not able to, and then when they try they make something amazing the first thing they do.

Be prepared that you will have bleeding fingers during the process though. On my workshops you can hear a chorus of “ouch, shit, aooo..” all the time ;) But it’s worth it!

My tip is to start work with a little oval ball, then wrap wool around it, and tangle all over while you roll the ball in your hands. Also, it’s importat to believe in yourself!

Susanna will soon open her own Etsy shop. She also makes needle felting on demand. I might hire her to make a mini RUT further on (the little one is coming tomorrow). See Susanna‘s contact details at the bottom of this page

How to felt

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Clever clothing concept

I met Anna-Lena Emden a couple of years ago at Formex fair. I was immediately fascinated by her clever clothing concept KNEPP. The basic idea is that you snap your own garment by using one or several parts of KNEPP‘s seamless jacquard knitted wool parts. The possibilities are endless. Instead of buying new clothes, snap a new one. The parts can all be combined with each other. Each part has a different pattern and color + one light and one dark side. I love this idea of a sustainable eco-friendly wardrobe. See more ideas and combinations at KNEPP’s blog.

Anna-Lena Emden is a textile designer who has made many collections for IKEA and Almedahls among others. See more of her patterns and designs here.

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Polar Bear Boots and more by Company

When ever things are less fun you can always browse artists Amu Song and Johan Olin’s COMPANY and their secret shop SALAKAUPPA Youtube clip here. Woven, wooden, handmade.. All playfully brilliant.

Above Bear BootsPolar Bear Boots.
Below Baby Elephant BagFelt Boots.
More fun, great: Birch Pixel bagHomewear, BibimBag BigDog Stools.
And this one “Birch Me” on the top of my wish list.


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Middle of Nowhere – Rug made by old parachutes

I like the rug “Middle of Nowhere“ by the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg – (Sweden’s Prince) Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg. The rug is made of pieces of old parachutes from the Swedish Armed Force and parachute clubs. Will be sold at Contemporary/Bukowskis, November 15, 2012 with the benefit donated to Childhood Foundation.

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Stop motion paper circus by Anna Pfeiffer

Thank you, architect Anna Pfeiffer from Hase Weiss for making this uplifting paper circus stop motion video. Uploaded at YouTube a couple of days ago, here.

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Perfect things

I love browsing the Scott Estepp Gallery, always well curated. Look at the Dumbo Wheel Barell, how perfect.

Petite Barnyard Target.


Tool display.

Early Dovecote ala “Bart”
Hypnotic Scooter
Blue Eyed Cat

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Rosa Moon by Barbara

Hope to be able to meet my creative friend Barbara Berrada some day. Say hello to Barbara’s latest creation Rosa Moon, who’s living in a cup and saucer from Anna‘s and my porcelain collection.

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Potholder pocket

Got a visit from Maria, designer at Knätofs today. She sure is a creative soul. Look at the very well worn jacket she made for her daughter. Mori girlish I like.

Maria (who also is a Clarks shoes designer), always in splendid clothes.

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