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The exhibition, up and running

Be sure to peep into Hemslöjden i Skåne and take a peek at the  exhibition if you pass by. Read more about the project at

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Väva Spis / Hemslöjden / Fine Little Day

“Spiskläde”, the stove apron and the “Spismatta”, the stove rug, designed with my mind on an old an old love, the stove as a graphic visual treat. Also with my thoughts pondering over the sceneries in which the woman (who made the textiles in the #handicraftarchives) sat in their kitchens embroidering, sewing or whatever they did.

Apron, printed by Matilda Ekström Rosenberg and sewn by Satoko Kobayashi Fridolf. Rug (one of three), weaved by Kristina Bourghardt Hattenbach.

As I’ve wrote before, the past year I’ve been working together with Hemslöjden i Skåne in a project called #handicraftarchives / Väva Spis where I’ve been developed a series of unique items inspired by Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening‘s amazing archives / collections of handicraft objects, in collaboration with local craftsmen and small scale producers from Skåne and Västra Götaland. The results will be shown in an exhibition at Hemslöjden in Landskrona starting May 20, 2017. Read more about the project at

Besides an insight of an existing amazing handicrafts archive, this project has offered an obvious and uplifting presence of women’s history, which I’ve found very inspiring. I’m also greatful for the meetings and collaborations with the talented, today living women who has been involved in this project one way or another, each and every one of them. The below embroidered cushion cover from the 1800s is one of the brilliant textile treasures I’ve stumbled on in the archives.

Above my ladies, dancing.

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Väva Spis (Weave a stove)

The last couple of months we’ve (Fine Little Day) been working together with Stiftelsen Skånsk Hemslöjd and and Östra Skånes Hemslöjdsförening in a project called #handicraftarchives where we’ve been digging into their amazing archives / collections of handicraft objects. Also to be found digitized online at Digitalmuseum.

A lot of folkart handicraft materials are locked away in drawers, libraries, and journals which not always are easy to access. During the 1900s, Swedish handicraft associations built up unique collections of objects. These items are cataloged and digitized of make the materia available for a wider audience (everyone!) at Digitalmuseum I love the possibility to looking back in history using social networks to reconnect with long forgotten treasures and traditions, some at risk of disappearing altogether.

In this phase of the project we are connecting with local craftsman who will handicraft the designs which is made with inspiration from the #handicraftarchives

Yesterday I went to Simrishamn to meet this talented lady, Kristina Bourghardt Hattenbach, who is in the process of weaving one of the pieces, which will be displayed at the exhibition “Väva Spis” (Weave a stove). Vernissage at Hemslöjden i Skåne in Landskrona 20 May, 2017.

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Bake, arrange and wear them. Gingerbread mittens!

Eat only if necessary.

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Fence + Instagram

If you are a sucker for fences you might want to visit Svenska Gärdsgårdar and follow their Instagram account. Magical.

The traditional Swedish round pole fence, Gärdesgård/Gärdsgård is built with natural materials from locally grown timber, using sustainable methods:

“These traditional fences almost disappared from the landscape during the 20th century but somehow the handicraft managed to survive, and now its steadily getting more popular again. Svenska gärdsgårdar builds fences in the traditional style and stay true to the old fashion way of building, only using wood throughout the whole construction, which gives you a environmental friendly fence without a single nail in it! A well built gärdsgård fence is beautiful to look at, and stands for many years, aging with grace.”

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Macramé workshop

Some pics from today’s workshop with two amazing ladies from Mimmi Staaf MöbelmakeriBetongruvan! For more workshops with these two, check out Hantverka.


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Street electrical cabinet with Kurbits

The most good looking street electrical cabinet you’ll find outside Svensk Hemslöjd’s shop in Stockholm. Worth a visit indoors as well.


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Makramé workshop + Fine Little Day

Looking forward to November when Mimmi Staaf MöbelmakeriBetongruvan will come to us and hold a macramé workshop here in Gothenburg! And I will be talking about the Fine Little Day book.

I november kommer Mimmi Staaf Möbelmakeri & Betongruvan till oss för att hålla workshop! Jag kommer att berätta lite om boken (som ingår i priset) och tillsammans knyter vi amplar i makramé, kul va?!

Hitta mer info och boka här.

22–23 november, 2014. Klockan 10.00-13.00

Fine Little Day, Allmänna Vägen 13, Göteborg

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The visual artist Åsa Wettre

Åsa Wettre not only writes books, her artistry extends widely. I had the luxury to browse thick binders with documentation of her art the other day. Unfortunatley I have no paintings to show you, but I can tell you that they are great. Much like a Swedish Grandma Moses. I do have the pleasure to show you some of her old textile works though. Like the weave above and the handmade textile printings below.

Close up: “The blue family”.


“Left overs”.


The chest is not Åsa’s work but had to be shown anyway.

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Åsa Wettre 2

As I wrote in the last post, textile artist Åsa Wettre has recently launch a new book about old Swedish quilts Spår av liv (Traces of life). A treasure really. It was so great to get a glimpse of some of them in real life. Several of the them was as striking on the backside as on the front.

There is no doubt that Åsa Wettre has always loved textiles. As a child she went to fabric stores with her mother to feel and look. Becoming a textile artist seems to have been a natural choice. In her book Spår av liv (Traces of life) Åsa let us know as much as possible about the quilts, about the people and stories around them. Most of the quilts in the book are sewn sometime between the late 1800s and up until the 1930s.  Around one hundred quilts are included in the new book, but it could have been considerably higher. Åsa’s first book, Gamla svenska lapptäcken (Old Swedish Quilts) came about 20 years ago. She has also filled Liljevalch‘s all twelve halls with quilts.

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