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Fine Little Day + GRANIT

Hej, I’m happy to show some peeps of my and Fine Little Day’s collaboration with Swedish company GRANIT. A green rabbit forest-kids line with textile, cardboard- and paper products which will be released in store, 10 December. Can’t wait to try it all out on my 1 1/2 year old niece!

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Two working hard

It was only -2°C out there this afternoon. But it felt more like -22°C I had promised to be with them. A thick jacket, hat, gloves, my best winter boots and a warm scarf. But gosh it was chilly.

They were determined that the hut would be ready today. So many heavy branches over icy mountains. The darkness saved me though, and the picnic food that ended.

It’s just a phase you’re going through, by Laura Geurten. Winner of the Napa Flipbook Competition 2012.

And Eager Too, by Allison Schulnik over at Nieves.

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Moving in

But the new kitchen wallpaper in the apartment is looking really good, so maybe not yet. Hope spring will be long. We love.

Book tip: Italo Calvino‘s The Baron in the Trees. A story about twelve-year-old Cosimo who climbs up a tree and decides never to come down again.

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2011/06/09 He is

10 years old now.
I have a hard time beliving it.-

About 6
One :)
As a sad cowboy :(

He loves the skateboard. We where out tonight, far too late. He bought a birthday present to him self as well today, the cap. Just when he where about to pay it he noticed it had a text on the back “Otto”, so he knew he’d choosen the right one. Normally he has a helmet on, not tonight. He even got a super sugary Slash Ice afterwards. His mother is not the responsible type.

Suddenly when we where out there this good looking car came by. It was Pia. She sure looked cool in that good looking vehicle. (Also from Pia’s shop)


I am - From Sthlm‘s featured designer this month. Here, a From Sthlm interview with me as well. Thanks again Tiffany!


Nice Kelim carpets for sale at Lauritz.
Have a stranger take your
picture, assignment by Dos Family.

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Among mosses and crooked trees, all at once the surroundings comes alive. For two days we will be at Galtarö/The Mayflower Charity Foundation, Sweden’s largest Child help organisation. Our last school get-together before the summer break.

The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of life. Nature, playing, exercise. I will sleep good tonight for sure, so tired. Hope the kids will do too, sleep. Tips for Beginning Hikers.


***Our (Studio Violet’s) book, The Life of Mr Mustache, ON SALE all June.


Ferse Verse, a new little online shop. Particularly fond of the flag map pins, the paper puppet rabbit and the bamboo spoon.

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2011/05/04 More workshops please

Rests from yesterday’s workshop in the studio.


Looking for inspiration? Have a peep at this new book by the two amazing artists Beatrice Alemagna and Morteza Zahedi (blogged before, here).

My apple and print (+ Sandras prints) on the nice Mokkasin wall.

Did I tell you that Konsthantverkscentrum’s (my daywork until september) webpage is availble in english now?

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2011/05/03 Lego + snow

Tuesday: “32 days until I’m 10.”
Always at the top of the wish list - Lego. This time Lego City (partnered with NASA). Lego City Space, You Tube.

The blanket, a super gift from Johanna. Tack igen J!


Outside my window at this very moment – May snow!

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2011/03/28 She got braces

She was worried about it, for several reasons. But now when it’s there, she is determined.

(Mia introduced Instagram to me last year, Sandra re-introduced it this year.)

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questionnaire, you who have done it. I’ll let you know more about the result very soon.

Mireille Vautier.

Wish you a great coming week!

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2011/01/15 Lilly and the cones

She’s 5 weeks old now, little Lilly. Perfect size for Camilla’s wooden box. Don’t care at all about cones, or the great book Maahenki ITE.

Been wanting a subsrcribtion of Raw Vision for ages now, have to get it this year.

Fair trade knitted chunky socks.

Hon är 5 veckor nu, lilla Lilly. Passar perfekt i Camillas trälåda. Bryr sig inte dugg om kottar eller den fantastiska boken Maahenki ITE.

The great sleeping bag is made by Anna for Lily, by old jeans.

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2010/12/06 Essential

Necessary for the sustaining of normal life, normal health.

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