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The brick house

There was a time when we (I) dreamt of becoming the owner of this house.  Sometimes I sneaked in to the yard and peeked in through the windows when the owner was not there. He was almost never there, the author from Denmark. We suspected that he would leave it eventually. Then one day he did. We realized it when another man from Denmark moved it, with his family. No more sneaking in the garden or peeping in through windows. But they are seldom here. I still like to look at it, even from a distance.

This amazing brick house seems to have everything – ateliers, huge windows, enormous headroom, fresh kitchens, gymnastics halls, classrooms, wooden floors, herringbone floors, a beautiful green garden, wild strawberries… What a dream, makes my knees weak. And it’s for sale, cheap! All pictures here.


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Red and blue

I’ve got the greatest place. But if I didn’t I might consider this charming one, for sale here.

Elephantceramics has updated their site, so much loveliness!

Looks like nice books. I have the Art Déco one, that one is really nice.

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Looking for a summer house. House 1. Bjärsjölagård/skåne.
A postitive thing with this house is that one could run a small gallery or something in the part
facing the street (two entrances). Negative part is that the house is very run down, far away from
water and for us, pretty high price.

Don’t forget about the giveaway.

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The big summer house hunt has started. From now on we will not only look at the houses on
Hemnet we will visit some of them too. For insights and hopefully for a purchase in the end.
With limited resources it will be a great and fun challenge.

House 1. Bjärsjölagård/skåne.
This was the most run down part of the house. Use to be a antiquarian. Exciting that these
items was included in the price.

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This house, what a dream.
Would love this one too, or this.

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Torturing myself by browsing Hemnet, and what do I find – the house
from my childhood summers, for sale. The big house was my grand mother’s. In the little
one, me, my parents and my three sisters slept. It was only one room, quite crowded but
happy anyway. The big cousins shot with airguns, we bathed in a tub in the yard
and there was moose in the woods. I was visiting (sneaking) two years ago, here.

Other, on Hemnet, found houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

La Casita de Wendy’s giveaway open to friday

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Drawling over this amazing book.
Woodstock Handmade Houses, Ebay find. See more pics at google.

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Summer house for sale 5. Last post.
How could one not love a house like this. Or this (look at that dreamy blue bedroom), or this.

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Summer house for sale 4.
More pics here. This looks rough, and sweet. I like what I see here as well.

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Summer house for sale 3.
Look cozy doesn’t it, more pics here. And look at the kitchen in this house.

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