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Britas House part 3

Britas House. As you can imagine the one and only hour I got in this place felt far to little, wish I could have stayed at least a week. The renovation of the house is an on going project. Even in these phases everything looks just beautiful. The wall base below for example prepared with nail tacks for a future wallpaper. Looks nice as it is now as well I think.

When Emma removed the old broken roof in this room, these beautiful boards hid underneath.

The roof, makes you think of Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek don’t it.

Wonderful details wherever you looked.

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Britas House part 2

Can you believe this amazing pattern galore. Wallpapers, rugs and textile in a wonderful stew. Britas House forever in love.



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Britas Hus

Postesiell reklam för Gysinge Byggnadsvård, som eventuellt blir en samarbetspartner/uppdragsgivare framöver. Och ett passionerat möte med Britas Hus.



Listen to this: I was told by Gysinge Byggnadsvård who are preserving and creating sustainability in old and modern homes (and a potential coming Fine Little Day collaborator) about this amazing place called Britas House. So I took the train up to Gävle, met up with this lovely lady from Gysinge Byggnadsvård and followed by car Emmas Norelius to her childhood, family farm in Häckelsäng, Bergby.

Emmas’ grandfather’s father’s father built the house which stood ready in 1895. The owners before Emma and her husband was Olle and Brita, who lived here in the 1940s and until 1985 (the same year Emma was born). Emma who grew up in the neighboring house spent time here as a child. She used to sneak in when her grandfather was away, wandering through the house, playing with glasses and things she found interesting.  As a grown up she moved around a lot before realizing she wanted to live in her childhood village and getting the opportunity to inherit this cherished house.

Indeed are old environments and buildings powerful reminders to us of the way of life of earlier generations. I can tell you my heart beat hard when I stepped in here with the mind wandering not only to movies like Fanny and Alexander but also to more decadent motion pictures like Grey gardens, with vanity, art and upper class coloring the air. The richness of  this place, the grand and partly untouched interiors – such a precious pearl.

Emma’s family, husband and two children are planning to move into the house in the future, but since they are occupied with full time jobs, the renovation of the house is going slowly. A good thing maybe when making conscious and sustainable decisions.

An old piano, framed portraits, tile stoves, heavy patterned rugs and drapes, skillfully made furnitures, velvet textiles, delicate old wine glasses, crystal chandeliers. Oh this place, and the light!

The kitchen that was renovated in the 50′s, Emma’s parents was supposed to move in to the house in the 80s but luckily (Emmas words) they did not. If they had, things had probably not been as preserved as they still are.

A wide ( and uplifting!) variety of styles. Has there ever been a better word to describe an environment than “eclectic”? Don’t think so.

I will not kill the darlings but show you a bunch of more photos of the other rooms in coming posts. Still have a little hard breathing after this visit.


Tack igen Emma, för att jag fick komma!

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A very special house for sale

This is the place where we’ve spent every Christmas (except for a few) the last 18 years. Warmed ourselves in front of the fireplace after wandering around in the oak woods looking for wild boars which we never met. This is where we’ve spent soft summers on the lawn playing dart and picking wild strawberries. This is where we’ve had delicious dinners in the gazebo and watched tv half the night together. My in-laws’ house in Skåne. Here photos and more.

Visning nu på lördag, 23 Januari 2016.

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Ok, I can move in here

Check out these pics. Cheap as well.

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The details and the blue wallpaper

A cute place for sale at Hemnet. Also take a look at this castle-like place.


About four months until we come back.

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Dollhouse like

I recon that it is the dollhouse feeling in these photos that speaks to me. Such great shades of brown. Love the wall papers, the Virrvarr table, the lamp and the washing mashine in the corner. Even the curtains looks like something from a 70′s Lundby.

This house, for sale here. Two more dollhouse-like ones here and here.

The Polish kids brand Miszkomaszko has a sweet new children’s collection out.

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Country houses

It is peak season for selling and buying country houses in Sweden right now. Even though I got the nicest country house I could ever imagine I’m still there, browsing the site Hemnet. Dreaming and furnishing in my imagination.

Some of them you wouldn’t have to furnish though like this amazing one. Look at the potpourri of patterns and details (notice the double tv).

Even more photos here.

A couple of other ones with potential. 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Went for a ride

Can you believe that there are hundreds, if not thousands of sugary cute cottages like this for sale in Sweden. This one is an old mission house not far away from our place. A cute house for a cute lady. Yes?

Take a look at this, this and this one as well.


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Wild and rather crazy

I walk past the brick house and just can not stop myself from sneak in. Look at garden. Beautifully random and rather crazy. The wild, not always practical but oh so breathtaking. Our place last June, more like a meadow or jungle.

Maurice Sendak, rest in peace.

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