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Fine Little Day studio AND office – available

I have swept and scrubbed the floors, dry clean the kitchen, put the cups in order, I even climbed the ladder and swept down dust from high places. All because our studio is now for sale. A shop and office with workshops and products will soon popup here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with artist Anna Backlund we aim for new adventures!

Vi lämnar alltså Fine Little Day studio på Stigbergsliden, mer info om lokalen går att hitta här!

Not only our studio is available, our office below will be, as well.

Ligger i Vasastan, mejla vid intresse!

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Upstairs studio mate, Klara Bothén

The mitten lady you know. But have you seen her hat yet?


Photos below from Klara’s blog.

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Peep in to ours on a Monday afternoon

Playing with book covers (recurring chore). Hope you’re having a good one too.


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Beach life, not

I know that I nag about how dark it is in Sweden this time of the year. But really it is so dark that you almost not “wake up” at all during the days now. Luckily we have daylight fluorescent tubes in the ceiling in the studio. Help you to wake up a little, good for photography as well. We also have an ever growing number of plants here, and toys. Well you hear, trying to cheer myself up. While the storm was raging outside the windows yesterday we could pretend to be somewhere else.

How do you survive the darkness? If you live at these latitudes?

The Monstera sure is a fast grown plant.


Have a nice day folks.

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Snowflakes + sale

As mentioned yesterday we will have a sale in the studio next week. These paper stars has nothing much to do with it, more than they look good carrying the next week’s date:

Wednesday, 25 september, 2013

Fine Little Day Studio
Stigbergsliden 5, floor 7

VÄLKOMMEN till Fine Little Day shops utförsäljning av prover, andrasortering samt ordinarie sortiment. Hitta porslin och härliga foutas från House of Rym, diverse 10-gruppen produkter, posters, barnfiltar och mera – allt till mycket bra priser!


How to make paper snowflakes.

A couple of more of mine here.

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Live from a studio in Gothenburg

Action painting with forest theme. Today with good help from Maria Kultala. For my (mini) exhibiton at Tjolöholm Slott, starting this weekend.

Mexican textile folk art craft.
Even more at Casa Otomi.

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Last day of Mogu Takahashi art show

Ok, one day left of Mogu Takahashi‘s art show in the studio. It will be a weekend to remember. Thank you visitors, and thank you Mogu!

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Good morning from a studio in Gothenburg

Mogu Takahashi is here, and she is working hard for the exhibition this weekend. It’s truly amazing to see her in action. She works totally spontaneous and intuitive. All very inspiring.

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Mogu Takahashi Art Show at Fine Little Day Studio

Mogu Takahashi – Day Dreamer
12 – 14 October, 2012

Fine Little Day is proud to present an art exhibition by the internationally recognized Japanese artist Mogu Takahashi, entitled Day Dreamer. Mogu’s playful, imagined world where colorful characters run wild is insane and naïve in a wonderful way.

All the way from Japan to Gothenburg. Visit her solo exhibition 12 – 14 October, 2012 at the Fine Little Day studio.

Opening hours:
Friday 17.00–21.00
Saturday 13.00–17.00
Sunday 13.00–16.00

Fine Little Day Studio
Stigbergsliden 5, floor 7

Underbara Mogu Takahashi kommer till Studion!
Fine Little Day har glädjen att presentera utställningen Day Dreamer av Japanska konstnären Mogu Takahashi. Inspirerande Mogu arbetar spontant och lekfullt med teckning, måleri och skulptur. Mogu rör sig medvetet på gränsen till det naiva med glädje och underfundig humor. Till utställningen i Studion kommer Mogu att skapa nya verk.

12 – 14 oktober, 2012

Fredag 17.00–21.00
Lördag 13.00–17.00
Söndag 13.00–16.00

Fine Little Day Studio
Stigbergsliden 5, vån 7

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Tables, hooks, wallpapers and more

I bet you can understand why my two studio freinds Karin and Cissi gained big success over at the Formex fair this weekend. Look at their amazing new products. I had the honor to photograph it all in the studio a couple of hours ago. Still strucked by the splendours.

Find Cecilia’s wallpaper Cirkus over at Photowall, here.

They call the concept Manege, a platform where they “present several of daring number in a common collection of designs and products that come together in a balancing act without a net. The concept is born out of a circus theme where burlesque meets industry, harlequin squares meet trapezes and animal runs in a row. The collection consists of: armatur, textile fabric, rack, candle holder and wall paper.”

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