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I’m in Elle

The confirmation it still means to be published in printed media. I’m very honored – In the latest issue (November 13) of Elle Japan Fine Little Day and I are featured. Thank you Elle Japan crew and Ikku!

UPDATE: Should have wrote “we are in Elle”, since it is obviously not only me shown in the photos. Guess I get carried away of snobbishness.

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The not so fluffy reality

Someone I met recently asked me why I blog. Well, because I enjoy it was my instinctive response. Because I like to share, to get feedback and to promote myself and others I guess, was my second comment. The third comment must is the main reason though – because the therapeutic effect it has on me, and the escape from a harsh reality.

I’ve said it before. The directing, the bubble. Look at me sitting in the sofa in front of the computor screen. I’m there, in the bubble. Enjoying.

The headline to this post is misleading. My life is as fluffy as it can be. These moments are no exceptions.

More fluff. At my Instagram.

Happy red fish
Happy beige cat (in a fluffy room)

This calendar, by Misakomimoko.

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Slacker and Rym at Formex

God morning. Yes we sleep loong in the mornings, when we can. Today we could. A night person I am. The kids too, it seems like. Actually I’ve always thought that society oppresses us night people with their day times. I feel discriminated sometimes. All the early meetings, dental appointments and opening hours. I feel so much better when I get to follow my own clock. One might think that I’m a slacker. But that’s ok.

Don’t miss House of Rym if you’re going to Formex! My colleague Anna will be there and our Tunisian friends Rym and Zied. And some of the other clever girls that are working with the brand. I will not be there. But my cup will. In stand: AG:17

Hello new followers at Instagram :)

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On request / Hair updo

Last year I “discovered” the hair bun. This roll might be next years every day. What do you call this hairdo? Do you know if there is a name for it? Can’t come up with one even in Swedish. Anyway easy as apple pie:

Grasp the hair and roll it inwards downwards like a roll. Secure the roll with hairpins inserted and hidden in the hair roll. Voila!

Update. Thank you Bridget for telling me that it’s called a gibson roll or gibson tuck, after the young ladies who wore it in the late 1890s. Take a look at Sara Lynn Paige’s great tutorial (she has a much better way to do it that I showed here).

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Intrusive face

Faces. I keep telling my husband whenever he (usually on my command) photographs me for the blog sometimes, “don’t shoot to close!”. Not that I’m afraid of showing marks, wrinkles, double chins or so (well, just a little). But a face it self can feel so intrusive. Influential. Direct, and exposed. Both in a positive and negative way. Often interesting. The face makes the photo more naked and vulnerable. Sometimes even vulgar. I must say that I do like when authors of blogs is generous with them self though. In terms of portraits of them self as well. Those blogs makes me often more interested in what the authors have to say. Personal is good, interesting. Not always of course, but some times. Often. But it can be a fine line between interesting and too much. I can not really express it in words (not in English anyway). Or point out what it is that makes some succeed and others don’t. It can be a matter of who’s looking of course. The receiver. Semiotics, connotation and denotation. It’s just a feeling I have. Not at all easy to express.

What do you think. Do you want to get a face of the author?

Semiotic for beginners.

Anna realized that she is her own design. And wondering: Do you “match” your home?

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I did it :)

About a year ago I decided to start running. I was 41 and had never ran before in my life. Have always thought it was nothing for me. But then I bought a pulse watch and a Spotify Premium account and suddenly I found it fun, and nice. I’m not a competitive person, but to compete against myself, to strive to do better has always been a driving force. My goal with the running was to be able to run a Swedish mile (10 kilometer) under an hour’s time, within a year. And now I’ve made ​​it :) It was not easy. But rather fun. Ha.

On monday I’m starting a new project, if I’m able to continue it for more than a week I’ll tell you about it. I’m determent and looking forward to it so hopefully it will work out. Today I’m celebrating with Kiwi chocolate ice-cream and chocolate walnuts. Melt dark chocolate, dip the peeled kiwi (put it on a stick) and freeze it for about an hour. Good!

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Chile, hello

This morning I got a handful mail from Chile. Wow internet sure is awesome. Chile, South America – a (big) part of the world yet to explore for me (I’ve never even been close). I believe I’ve got some visitors from there now. Hello, welcome! I guess the main reason to that is because I’m honored to be featured in the Chilean Magazine El Mercurio/VD. Thank you for sending me the spreads, the kind words and the a great layout team El Mercurio/VD!

UPDATE: I’ve got some mails about the “hat” I’m wearing in the photo above. It’s  actually a Turban, from Birgit & Benny. Love it.


Hope your week started good as well.

Milos Tomic
Carlo Zinelli
Louis Reith

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Styling chick

I’m on the bike or in cars all day nowdays. Moving, getting things from here and there. Styling jobs. “Styling” I do not like that word. Sound so, not me. Sounds like something a cool chick from Stockholm does. I like Stockholm and the chicks there too. It’s not that. It’s just, not me. But hey look at me today, leopard tights and everything. Looks like I’m trying to look cool.

“Set designer” or “scenograf” in Swedish, might be better words.

Simple Shoes.

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Me + Elle Girl Korea

I’m Swedish so when I show you something that can be perceived as bragging, I am a bit embarrassed and wonder if I really should. But that statement is in it self an attitude that can be understood as I try to make myself interesting in a coquette way (If you understand what I mean in my Swenglish). It might be so, I might like to show off, and I might like to try make myself look interesting. Probably. Usually I’m not so keen on being in the center of attention. But in this sphere it feels more ok somehow. Well I’m bragging –  I’m in the latest issue of Elle Girl, Korea.

Thank you staff of Elle Girl, Korea!

Thank you also Kathleen Luttschyn at Apartment Therapy for writing such a nice post of the new Fine Little Day Shop.

The Swedish – Jante Law.

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Me 4 + 1

Up early, picking blue berries. In another inherited blue dress and rain boots from Tretorn. Hair bun.

A day to do what I want. Photo, Dennis.

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