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Fog and soup

On an island Orust not so far away from Gothenburg. This place is peaceful. And Hannah makes the best fish soup.

There’s a lot to plan and talk about. Luckily we are four now instead of two. Four eager ladies, and a mini man.

This yellow bag by The New Domestic Shop.

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Walk to Paradise Garden

A couple of days planning. For the project. Looking for places to photograph. Four weeks is what we got. Will have to move fast. This place, my friend Hannah’s super nice cottage seems like good place, doesn’t it. The Bu! blanket looks nice here anyway. (Thanks for kind comment about it yesterday:)

Walk to Paradise Garden, by W. Eugene Smith.

Teeny Tini.
Lost Child, book by Miranda July.
Alessandra’s pink cloud.
Kyile’s cushions.

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Among mosses and crooked trees, all at once the surroundings comes alive. For two days we will be at Galtarö/The Mayflower Charity Foundation, Sweden’s largest Child help organisation. Our last school get-together before the summer break.

The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of life. Nature, playing, exercise. I will sleep good tonight for sure, so tired. Hope the kids will do too, sleep. Tips for Beginning Hikers.


***Our (Studio Violet’s) book, The Life of Mr Mustache, ON SALE all June.


Ferse Verse, a new little online shop. Particularly fond of the flag map pins, the paper puppet rabbit and the bamboo spoon.

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2011/03/05 Sunshine, snow, sunshine

What a nice day. When we got home, our cheeks glowing red.

Thanks for all the name suggestions you’ve given me for the tape. Will be hard to decide for just one, there are many good ones. But that’s how it will be, a couple of days from here.

Sun boxes.

Peta Kruger.

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2011/01/29 Icy today, again

This winter, shoe ice spikes are sold out every where. Most be the most icy winter in Sweden during my life time.

Thank you for cheering comments in my last post. Candy candy. I can forget the bikini this coming summer.

Mummola, new print from Sanna Annukka, and Aurinko Tea-light Holders, from the same.


Tack för uppmuntrande ord i mitt förra inlägg. Godis godis. Som det ser ut nu kan jag glömma bikinin i sommar. -

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2011/01/15 Lilly and the cones

She’s 5 weeks old now, little Lilly. Perfect size for Camilla’s wooden box. Don’t care at all about cones, or the great book Maahenki ITE.

Been wanting a subsrcribtion of Raw Vision for ages now, have to get it this year.

Fair trade knitted chunky socks.

Hon är 5 veckor nu, lilla Lilly. Passar perfekt i Camillas trälåda. Bryr sig inte dugg om kottar eller den fantastiska boken Maahenki ITE.

The great sleeping bag is made by Anna for Lily, by old jeans.

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What a pleasure to work with these clever ladies, this great photographer, this beautiful model (remember when “I found her” on the street?), my dear friend Anna and this sweet, skillful woman. A lot of hard work, but fun lot of work. Now – vacation!

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Water lilies

Me getting water lilies for the photo shoot on friday. My roll, props, stylist. Photographer, Dennis.

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Looking for location. Next week, a photo shoot in the birch wood.
The plan is that we’re going to put a bathtub somewhere in the
middle, and maybe a white horse, and a girl.

Looking forward to midsummer eve tomorrow.

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