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Emily Bratt

En annan slags trädgård

Mentally and visually stimulated by the bright personality of Emily Bratt, a magnificent archipelago, Dahlias, Iris, faded Sun flowers and a flock of animals I’m back in Gothenburg to write this post.

Emily Bratt sure is a another kind of garden designer and slow flower devotee who works as a consult in gardening and farmer-florist from her home in Tjörn. She walks, talks, write and make a podcast about gardening and try to challenge traditional garden standards and broaden the pictures of what a garden can be.

Animals are an important part of this eden. Here: Swedish Muscovy ducks and Bohuslän-Dals black hens. But there is also poodles, a variety of birds and snakes. And soon – the flock will be expanded with a couple of white peacocks.

Looking at the work and passion of a small-scale floral agriculture, and the result of many hours and hard work.

The slow flowers “movement” support the ‘grown not flown’ philosophy.

Pigeon peacocks.

Grown from the soil up, Calendulas.

Why be a pigeon when you can be a peacock?

Authentic, sustainable organic farming.

Soft mix of wild and planted.

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Two working hard

It was only -2°C out there this afternoon. But it felt more like -22°C I had promised to be with them. A thick jacket, hat, gloves, my best winter boots and a warm scarf. But gosh it was chilly.

They were determined that the hut would be ready today. So many heavy branches over icy mountains. The darkness saved me though, and the picnic food that ended.

It’s just a phase you’re going through, by Laura Geurten. Winner of the Napa Flipbook Competition 2012.

And Eager Too, by Allison Schulnik over at Nieves.

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Nice to be home

The kids have winter holidays. I run around. Met Isabelle from Dos family the other day.

Take a look at the Swedish design duo How are You‘s Mini bar “It’s raw, it’s neat, it’s made for keeping liquor in”. Remember their nice pillows?

New issue out, Lille Nord.

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Red yellow orange & green

Flipbook Competition over at Napa, deadline November 1.

A little of my Rym porcelain in this nice styling.

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Finding gold

New beginners. But almost a bag full. The forest is magical. This place is magical. More photos at Instagram.

Our mushroom guide.

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Rosy cheeks

We wander in the woods the kids and I. For hours. Talking. Looking. Collect things. The hot chocolate is not so hot anymore when we finally drink it (I have never been a coffe drinker).

I will go up early tonight, to catch a fligth to this wonderful island. Over the weekend. Wish you a good one too.

Meyer Lavigne, look at the happy pots.

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Even in the city


Green in every direction.


Someone is selling a large Monstrea on Blocket. This plant looks nice too. And week of plants over at Studio Morran.

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Moving in

But the new kitchen wallpaper in the apartment is looking really good, so maybe not yet. Hope spring will be long. We love.

Book tip: Italo Calvino‘s The Baron in the Trees. A story about twelve-year-old Cosimo who climbs up a tree and decides never to come down again.

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Wild and rather crazy

I walk past the brick house and just can not stop myself from sneak in. Look at garden. Beautifully random and rather crazy. The wild, not always practical but oh so breathtaking. Our place last June, more like a meadow or jungle.

Maurice Sendak, rest in peace.

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Fairytale landscape

So John-Bauerish! A black brook, awesome mossy landscape, fog. And on top of that – amazing light. Barren and soft at the same time. Yes, this is the place.


Blundstones or rubber boots on the other ladies feets.


Saana ja olli “Good textiles made in Finland”.

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