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Stylish blinds / Emma von Brömssen

Finally some really nice blinds. Talented pattern designer (and friend) Emma von Brömssen‘s collaboration with Sandatex was shown today at Remfabriken here in Gothenburg, what a hit!

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Fence + Instagram

If you are a sucker for fences you might want to visit Svenska Gärdsgårdar and follow their Instagram account. Magical.

The traditional Swedish round pole fence, Gärdesgård/Gärdsgård is built with natural materials from locally grown timber, using sustainable methods:

“These traditional fences almost disappared from the landscape during the 20th century but somehow the handicraft managed to survive, and now its steadily getting more popular again. Svenska gärdsgårdar builds fences in the traditional style and stay true to the old fashion way of building, only using wood throughout the whole construction, which gives you a environmental friendly fence without a single nail in it! A well built gärdsgård fence is beautiful to look at, and stands for many years, aging with grace.”

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Best this weekend

A visit to BrännöJulia and her girls. Hope you had a good one too.


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Got myself an early Christmas present

I don’t see myself as the romantic type, but oh I just could not resist these sumptuous, girly, flower stamps. Kind of romantic aren’t they? Well, I just had to get one. And where did I get it? Find it at Sycamore Street Press. And a bunch of other nice custom made stamp variants. Like the one with arrows, the mountain, the cactus and the bear.

Below, flowery favorites.

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Rugs by Lotta

Find them here.

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Crochet collars

Just can’t get enough of crochet collars. Had to buy this one. Etsy is full of them.

Above, pics from here: 1, 23, 4.

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Precious ones. For me.


A nice flip book, Sweet Home by Terhi Ekebokm (winner of the Napa Flipbook Competition 2011). A happy finger monkey from Knätofs.

The book Ingamaj, by Lena Sjöberg. A beautiful illustrated story about a small town woman. About visions, crushed dreams and logics of life. This little book might be my all time favorite of Lena’s books. (Ingamaj is not to be found in Lena’s shop yet).

Lucky me. Look what I’ve got. A pair of Klara’s hand knitted mittens in the most wonderful golden color – lökskal (onion peel). You would like to have them all of course. The candy mittens. Take a look at Klara’s yummy cards as well.


Tagua nut bracelet found at Aschebergsgatan 24.

I’m very glad for the positive comments about Otis, the rug. Can’t wait to show you Anna‘s amazing creations and the rest of our collections. Soon 2012!

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Didin’t won

Joseph Frank fabric “Bows”. 6 ready-made curtains / panels.

In the night when everyone is asleep I’m browsing Lauritz. This floor lamp by Jean-Louis Domecq, this clothes hanger and this doll house. But I have everything I need, really.

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Creativity, in the real sense

Works by Cilla Ramnek.

Imagne how many hours of work. The variety of materials, thumbtacks, fabric samples, paper strips, pot holders, crochets… quirky, all handmade and far from perfect, love.

Vitaminized. Thanks.


Karin, a postmodern granny square blanket. Found through Kyile.

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Cilla Ramnek upper

Sweden’s true pattern queen, Cilla Ramnek’s characteristic beadwork.


How can you not love this kind of manic, seemingly to no purpose-work.

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