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We went up north

High pines, snow and the niece went to sleep with the new Gran blanket.

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Two working hard

It was only -2°C out there this afternoon. But it felt more like -22°C I had promised to be with them. A thick jacket, hat, gloves, my best winter boots and a warm scarf. But gosh it was chilly.

They were determined that the hut would be ready today. So many heavy branches over icy mountains. The darkness saved me though, and the picnic food that ended.

It’s just a phase you’re going through, by Laura Geurten. Winner of the Napa Flipbook Competition 2012.

And Eager Too, by Allison Schulnik over at Nieves.

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Hello Shinjuku

Shinjuku visitors – Even if you don’t comment often, it’s nice to have you here (Google Analytics).

Indoors, outdoors. All nice today. Only February, but spring is in the air. The colorful pattern above is made by Åsa Dahlbäck. Here, wallpaper by the same.

JapAn, my favorite MalenKa (Gini Helie) song.

Venomyum, via Ratzer.

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Spring-like Christmas


Gosh how nice with peaceful, slow days. We are at the same place where we’ve been celebrating Christmas for the last 10 years. In skåne. Last year we had to turn home again because the roads where too snowy. This year winter is mild, very mild. We found some chanterelles in the forest yesterday, it’s dripping water everywhere and spring birds are singing for us early in the mornings.


Don’t forget about Kauniste’s giveaway.

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Holy smokes, I’m tired. This darkness is devastating. The kids drag themselves up in the morning. At least the big one. The smaller one I have to drag.

He stumbles to the sofa, eats his breakfast (always in the sofa). While daylight s l o w l y appears outside. Daylight, should be an app. Really.

I did a job for Ellos. Would have loved to bring the floor with me home.

Russia in color, a century ago.

Napa Gallery’s flipbook competition winners.

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Winter, again

Wafflish Waffle, via Bird & Banner.

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2011/02/14 In the land of the snow

We are up north. One week holiday. Skied all day. Unbelievable nice.
Tired. Now, some hot soup and Semla to dessert. Then, straight to bed, to gather some energy for tomorrows race.

Paper boat tea bags.
Butterfly Poster at Papershop.

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2010/12/28 Darkness in the land of the snow

Usually it’s not this part (the south) of Sweden who looks like this, at this time of the year. So much snow. But as long as the roads are passable we are satisfied. We like snow. And, when the darkness falls the snow lights up for us a bit. A consolation when the length of the darkness is about 20 hours per day and night.

Short about polar nights in Scandinavia. In pictures.
Shobo Shobo

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Still snow in Slottsskogen

The kids discovered, when trowing snow on the frozen lake, it was making awesome sound effects. Me, myself had a moment discussing with the Moomintroll.

Margo Slingerland has got a flickr!
Illustrator Josef Hart, great work.

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