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Stylish blinds / Emma von Brömssen

Finally some really nice blinds. Talented pattern designer (and friend) Emma von Brömssen‘s collaboration with Sandatex was shown today at Remfabriken here in Gothenburg, what a hit!

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Katrina wallpaper, finally

Things that have happened here lately. After over 10 years in the same apartment we decided to renovate some. And this might be the best change so far – Katrina wallpaper by Sandberg landed in our hallway. I’ve been drooling after it for years, so yes I’m rather satisfied (even if the cats looks rather bored).

Read the story about the wallpaper here (only in Swedish sorry). See blogger and photographer Lotta Lundberg’s great photos of it here.

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Wall coverings from Minakani Lab

Minakani Lab launched their bespoke wall coverings collection in 2009. Breaking free from traditional printing techniques, designer Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin create wallpaper and panoramas that are larger-than-life, with motifs the repeat randomly and compositions that are light and airy.”

I like everything about this! More at Minakani Lab.

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New Jenni Rope patterns for Marimekko

Jenni Rope has made new patterns for Marimekko’s Autumn collection 2013 – In stores in the end of August / beginning of September. Love!

This pattern is called Justiina, check out it in different styles and color-ways here.

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Wallpapers by Jane Reiseger

Jane Reiseger an llustrator based in Melbourne Australia recently designed a bunch of wallpapers for The Wall Sticker Company. The wallpaper below is called Blomst. Love this one as well, Tutti Fruiti and Cheri Cheri.

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Folk art feeling in Sandberg’s new wallpaper Eden

The Swedish wallpaper company Sandberg released their latest collection “Götheborg” yesterday. The vernissage was held at a da Matteo here in town. Ten wallpaper designs with the common thread ocean and travel. My favorite pattern (above) is called Eden, design Sissa Sundling. Love the folk art feeling.

The collection will be launched in August 2013.

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Le Train Fantôme + More & Co

What a nice collaboration between Le Train Fantôme and More & Co. “More & Co. is a talented creative studio based in Portland, Maine founded by MAV, CDR and RTS.

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Nice scarfs at new webshop

Atelier Solarshop, via Mieke Willems.

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The Bògòlanfini textiles, handmade and fairtrade

I just love these “rough”, traditional Bògòlanfini textiles of the Bamana people of Mali in West Africa. The handmade feeling is total. Just look at the bleeding patterns and the visible hand stitches. Bògòlanfini or bogolan is a Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. I’m obviously not the only one who enjoy these textiles because every time they are back in stock in the shop they sell out quickly.

The process of making these textiles is from what I understand it, rather complex. Beginning with the growing of cotton and gathering mud which the artists keep in pots for a certain time before use. Tip: google “bogolanfini” and look att the pattern treasures. Above Lines bedspread, below Lines pillow case.

Here a peep of the Bògòlanfini bedspread that lying on our bed.

Book that would fit my bookshelf African Mud Cloth.

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Thomas Laurien

Had the pleasure to visit my old school, HDK today. Togehter with talented designer Thomas Laurien. Thomas work broad with different disciplines. Actually he was one of my teachers when I studied. Thomas was always in charge of the most interesting courses. About surfaces, wallpapers and pattern design. The textile patterns in this post is Thomas work.

Thomas has worked extensively in Japan. A couple of years ago he wrote a book, The Materiality of the Surface together with another former HDK teacher, Kristina Fridh.

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