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Some days are greyer than others

But who cares.

I’ve ordered this poster.

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My man

Did I ever tell you I have one. Bikes all year round, rain or shine. Cooks all the food. Use to be a photographer. Takes me to the café.

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2011/03/17 Bad mood

He’s still not asleep. He’s cryed for six hours. S i x  h o u r s. All because of the hairdresser (on my demand) cut his hair shorter than usual. I’m in really bad mood. Bad mood mother.

Never too much help. Japan.

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2010/12/29 Bye Skåne

The days are rushing, we are leaving Skåne for this time. A whole bunch of cousins are coming to Gothenburg to celebrate new years eve with us.

Skånelänga – a typical (farm)house in the south of Sweden, built as a long thin building on a half-timber and brick frame, with rooms with windows on both sides of the house.

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2010/12/27 Skåne!

We didin’t think we would make it here this year, but we did! The weather has been milder the last couple of days, and we’re so greatful for it. To be here is Christmas for us, real Christmas.

Vi trodde inte att vi skulle kunna ta oss hit i år, men det kunde vi! Tack o lov har vädret varit mildare de senaste dagarna. Att vara här är jul för oss, riktig jul.

These moss carpets and this childrens moss bed set.

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2010/12/08 Proud santa

How well I remember this moment. The years before she had refused to take part in kindergarten’s traditional “Luciatåg“. She didin’t want to wear lights or glitter in her hair like the other girls. She didin’t even like singing. Then one day I saw this santa costume on sale at Åhléns. She loved it at first sight. That year it was her voice you heard over all others. Sweet heart sweet.

Kommer så väl ihåg. Åren innan hade hon vägrat att vara med i luciatåget. Ville inte ha glitter eller ljus i håret som de andra flickorna. Hon tyckte inte ens om att sjunga sa hon. Så en dag hittade jag den här tomtedräkten på rea på Åhléns. Hon älskade den från första stund. Hennes röst hördes över alla andras det året. Fina ungen.

Remember her “Old men party”?

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2010/12/05 First time for me

This was joyful, I want to tell you that. The daughter has been riding a couple of years. While we, her family have cheered her. A bit lame maybe. We have said – How fun, but I don’t know if we’ve really meant it. Or if we’ve really understand it, until now. Me and the kids were out there today, riding in a white winter landscape. First in the paddock, then in the woods. In tolt, walk and trot. Not on big, high scared rabbits but on firm, safe, harmonic Icelandic horses. It was nice, I tell you.

Det här var väldigt roligt. Jag vill berätta det. Dottern rider sedan ett par år tillbaka. Vi andra har, lite håglöst, hejat på. – Vad kul, har vi sagt utan att riktigt mena det. Eller så har vi inte riktigt förstått, förrän nu, idag. Jag och barnen var ute och red i ett fluffigt, vitt vinterlandskap. Först i paddocken, sen i skogen. I tölt, skritt och trav. Inte på höga, stora rädda kaniner, utan på rejäla, trygga, stabila saker – Islandshästar. De var så fina och snälla. Och det var väldigt roligt.

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Hello Sandwich Craft TV.

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Every morning lately.
We still have some mushrooms and berries in the freezer, from my
father, the berry picker. But but not for long.

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Suddenly we have winter. Snow! And when we left our friends in the
afternoon it was dark as the night outside.

Studio Fludd.

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I’m not sure they ever were interested in Playmobil. It was me all the time.
I’m the one who is responsible for the overflow.

Make your own rabbit kit by Mikodesign.

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