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The teen’s room

So Rut and I got permission to snoop and shoot in my teenage (15 years old) daughter’s room.

Everything happened so fast, suddenly the Schleich horses, the rubber Pokemons, the Kamratposten magazines were gone.


Can I ask you a couple of questions about your room T?
- Well, ok.

What makes you feel good in a room?
- The light is important to me, that it is enough daylight. I don’t like incandescent light much. It’s also nice if there are enough space to to sit and socialize with friends. And I like plants, they makes it feel cosy and kind of fresh.

So do you think that your room meets that?
Overall yes. It has big windows and a big enough bed.

Mention something less good with your room.
- It’s inefficiently soundproof!

Do you have any favorite things in your room?
-  My computer, the makeup mirror. I’m also in love with my green wallpaper.

How would the perfect teenage room be for you?
- I don’t know. If my boyfriend lived here, then it would be perfect.

Kindra Murphy’s wallpaper Colorform and to the right – The beloved “Hollywood” makeup mirror Chloe from Sminkspegel.

Also in the room:
Drop wall stickers.
Norfolk Island Pine.
Stripes never wear out saucer.
Scallops by Klara Bothén.
Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir forest.
Cactus, Opuntia chlorotica.
Clothes rack.
Gran Linen.

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Swedish Midsummer and daughter leaving for USA

The longest day of the year, Midsummer. Herring, potatoes, chives, pie, strawberries and cream, a cold lake, beer and schnapps, sun and rain.. Sweden – as Swedish as it can be.



And she. Ungen min. Dearest daughter is leaving for California for a couple of weeks. Follow her blog here.

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And palms

This place. Even better than expected. Friendly folks, the food, palms and surreal beaches.

Ok I’m fully aware of the disturbing, perfect postcard feeling in these photos, but I couldn’t help myself. Might have shown you my disfigured, patchy tan instead. Don’t get it, I did use sunscreen..

Palms by Fredrich Kuhn

Venice Beach Palms

Palms kids clothes

Palm necklace

Favorite mug with palms, and camels

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We are in Sri Lanka

Dear diary. We are in Sri Lanka in a town called Hikkaduwa. Today we saw several gigant turtles and jumping dolphins. Everything is fine, we have blue sky, sun and Wi-Fi.

Support illustrator Andrew Groves’ Miscellaneous Adventures Woodland Wood Carving Workshops on Kickstarter.

Alex Palenski’s mobiles again.

And a short interview with me over at Frankie.

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Painting Easter

Two grown ups, three kids and a cat was involved. In bringing some Easter mood to the house, primary for the guests that will be staying here when we leave in a couple of days. Going to Sri Lanka. Looking forward to it. Much.

So we are a bit early this Easter, with the egg painting. Tip: Do you know about the Lyra pencils? If artist Eric Magassa say that this is the best glue. I say that the Lyra pencils are the best color pencils. I’ve been drawing with Lyra since I was a kid, and keep coming back to them. Ergonomic, triangular colored pencils (easy for small hands to grip too) with super quality pigments. Even for egg painting. I’m very pleased to have these treasure pens in the shop as well now.

Plate above is painted with a porcelain pen. Love those ones too. Easy to paint with, like markers. Check out the pot Mogu painted when she visited a couple of months ago.

While we’re on it, don’t miss Tiang Tang’s table Come and draw.

Another version of our House or Rym porcelain.

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Skåne, still

About 13 years we have celebrated Christmas in this house. My in-laws’ house. A so called Skånelänga – a typical farmhouse in the south of Sweden, built as a long thin building on a half-timber and brick frame, sometime in the late 1800′s.

Skånelängor currently for sale. Here and here for example Here is a cheaper one. While we’re on it, take a look at the amazing exterior of this house.

Tack igen M & L, för julen!

Jen Davis self-portraits.

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Scissors + black adhesive vinyl film

“Something new and different…”
Well will not fulfill her wish fully but it is a bit different, and a little new.
Drawer chest Malm from Ikea, cloud from Alessandra, wallpaper Kaspar from Sandberg and textile from Lisa.

Inspired by Varpunen.

Papier Mache, digital issue 10 out now.

A dollhouse is made out of cardboard boxes, papier-mache and waste material, made by Karina Schaapman – the Mouse Mansion . Thanks for the tip Merel.

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In the mood

Do you recognize it, our country house. Can’t remember what kind of gingerbread house we did last year. But two years ago we did this one.


Went through a lot of books. Got stucked with Natalia Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962).
How can it be Christmas Eve on Saturday!
Did I blog about Painting pillows already?
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Eddie and I

Sweet little one, Eddie. It was our day today. Up early. He stood up at once.

Do you have kids? Have you ever had the feeling that you miss them, as they were, long time ago? Even if you love them as they are here and now. It’s good that I have Eddie.


Warmest congratulations to my freind and dear collegaue Anna who won the magazine Residence‘s price “this year’s breakthrough” Årets genombrott. Go Anna!

Tugboat makes amazing woodblock prints.

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Big kids and Perro was here

The kids are growing so big. It’s awesome. But the animals are like babies, at least compared to some.

I like the bow ties by bell & belle.
This is not porn, via Mieke Willems.

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